Weekend guides – An escape to whimsical Wayanad

Prepare, or rather not, to free your mind from intentions and set patterns. You will be enchanted by forests as real as the breath in your lungs. Let those sedentary feet trek, arms swing far and lip smile wide. Fragrant blooms and thickets of jungle verdure, you belong to. As the vines glide between your fingers, know the true nature of the land that bore you and thanks its bountiful bosoms that caressed and nurtured.

Touch of Wayanad

wayanad monsoon

Monsoon? Book those tickets and be off to Wayanad. The land dressed in drizzles burgeons the captivating charm of a young bride, so don’t be thinking twice. Allow Wayanad to soak you throughout treks, biking, boating and offroading. Only until you retreat into bed with a cuppa hot chocolate, revelling in the satisfying aches of the day’s expeditions. Else, go ahead and snuggle in with your chosen one in this season made for love in a land akin to the grand Shangri-La.

Heart in a lake

forest walk and bird watching trail wayanad

Walk. Squat down on the mud if you may. Seal those eyes and feel the rest of your senses come alive. The gentle gurgling of rivulets through pebble-strewn paths, avians singing and chirping around for an organic Dolby Surround, and the drops of dew dripping from leaves onto your forehead, cooling and soothing. Walk on to find your heart in a lake shaped just like one.

The wild side

walking trail through the wilderness of wayanad

More cantering through the wilderness. So picturesque it’s almost surreal. Where the perfect is allowed to be enemy of the good. Definitely one for the cameras, this home of elephants, otters and a clear gurgling stream. The boulders along the stream, an absolute delight to settle down on or even camp for a bit. Midway through, encounter stunning carpets of tea plantations and alluringly aromatic spice estates.

Adrenaline revival

cycling in wayanad

An expedition off the beaten track. Get going on your bike through the forests and shifting terrains. Fun fact; any adrenaline-pumping adventure you get going on together, pumps up the romance too. Now, you know what to do. Grab your other half this weekend and be off biking and rafting through the wilderness of Wayanad.

Of golden bamboos

bamboo craft workshop in thrikkaipetta wayanad

A workshop in-between. Watch creativity spout as you get hands-on with learning the trade of craftsmanship involved in curating traditional items out of this gorgeous golden shoot of the fastest growing plant on Earth. In the quiet village of Thrikkaipetta, engage with the artisans that stay faithful to the bountiful bamboo. Stacks of frames, containers, vases and jewellery that sports aesthetics as well as recyclability for a better home planet.

Float along, take it slow

river rafting in pozhuthana wayanad

Exhibit B of the bamboo love. Stretch out on this golden raft as you drift along, flanked by endearing brake ferns sprinkled among lush mangroves. Are you thinking it too.? if not a drizzle, you have the quintessential ambience to pen down thoughts, scribblings, plans and strategies, even make sketches. The current barely there slowed down further by the check dam.

A 100-year old home

stay that offers unforgettable trip of island discovering

When in Wayanad, this is the place for comfort, a big meal and sound sleep. The way of the rurals you will witness where they’re more than moved to render lessons in whipping up some of the age-old recipes, along with lessons in the movement art of Kalarippayattu.

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