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HolidayMonk is a growing name in the tourism industry, associated with offering pre-planned and customised across the globe. The following are some of the benefits of opting for currency exchange in Bangalore from HolidayMonk:

• Reliable – Reliability is one of the dominant concerns during foreign exchange in Bangalore, like it is for every place across geographies. HolidayMonk consistently aims at offering reliable services in foreign exchange in Bangalore to all our old, new and prospective customers.

• Reasonable – Reasonable prices go in hand with reliability, and that is what HolidayMonk strives to deliver. We keep a close tab on the constantly fluctuating foreign exchange prices to offer our services in currency exchange in Bangalore at existing rates only.

 Streamlined and instant services – We offer online and offline services in money exchange in Bangalore. If you select the online option, you need to visit our official website and select the services that you are looking for, so that our expert customer executives can get back to you and guide you with your requirements for currency exchange in Bangalore. If you prefer the offline option for foreign exchange in Bangalore, you can visit our branch in Bangalore and our professional executive will assist you through the process for money exchange in Bangalore.

• Customer satisfaction – Our primary objective is to contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the documents required for buying foreign currency?

Copies of passport, confirmed air ticket, visa and PAN card are needed for buying foreign currency or forex card.

2. How much foreign currency can I buy?

A resident Indian is allowed a maximum of USD 2,50,000 per person per financial year. Out of this amount, a person going abroad can buy a maximum of 3000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies as cash. The remaining forex limit can be carried in forex card or traveller’s cheques.

3. What is a forex travel card?

A Forex travel card is a prepaid card with the required foreign currency loaded into it. They work just like a bank debit card. The card is issued by a bank or an authorized money changer. You can carry multiple foreign currencies in a single card.

4. How do I make the payment?

As per RBI rules, cash transactions are limited to INR 50,000. Amounts higher than 50,000 can be paid as NEFT/RTGS transfer to the chosen money changers account. Some money changers provide payment gateway facility also.

5. How much time will it take to deliver the currency?

If the money changer receives the payment before 12 noon, you will get the currency delivered the same day itself. If same day delivery is not possible for some reason, it would be intimated to the customer beforehand itself and the delivery would be made the next day.

5. Documents for selling foreign currency?

Any valid photo ID proof such as Passport/Aadhar/Voters ID/Driving License and PAN card. Passport and PAN card are mandatory for transactions above Rs.25000. For forex sell transactions above USD 5,000 or it’s equivalent in others currencies, foreigners/NRIs have to produce the currency declaration form (CDF) form which can be obtained from Airport Customs Authorities.

6. Is Pan card necessary for selling forex?

Most of the money changers or banks insist on receiving a copy of the PAN card. If the exchange is above 50000 INR then PAN card is mandatory.

Drop us a message with all your requirements so that we can guide you with the process.

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