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Discover Myanmar holidays and travel ideas. It's a new and exciting time for this beautiful Asian land and immense culture that is just waiting to be shared and explored with the whole world.

While on Myanmar travel and tours, get ready to be dazzled by the Shwedagon Paya ornamented with massive 27 metric tons of gold and diamond, believed to preserve eight hairs of Lord Buddha. Do not miss the chance to get mesmerized by its crimson aura in the setting sun, book our Yangon Tour Packages to explore this Buddhist heartland. On this Myanmar Vacation, we will drift you through the mystic waters of the Irrawaddy River down to the serene beach of the Bay of Bengal. Trekking through the pine forest sprawling across the Shan hills reach to the native village; take a look at their lives, laugh with them, taste their native food and get intrigued by their extreme joviality. Do not miss the opportunity to go beyond the charisma of city life into the sanctity of spiritualism join our Burma Group Holiday Tours from India.

Our Myanmar travel will take you through the sparkling waters of Inle Lake region bobbled with marshes and floating gardens, where hoisted houses rise above the water and lone fishermen drift their boat immersed in their own solitude untouched and uncorrupted by the allure of modernity. Look with wonder at the surrounding forested hills, accepted and embraced the native as part of their own progeny. If you can love its watery of life; we can be awe-inspiring. Book our Myanmar Tours from India and flee to the hill station Kalwa, an ideal place to beat the heat, founded by British Civil servants, this town displays colonial architecture, with cool air and trees dotted along the streets trailing into the hills, our Myanmar Tours can be one of its kinds. Join Myanmar Group Tours on a discovery of its colonial legacy. With us, Burma Vacation could be momentous, soul-searching and utterly unfamiliar. Book Myanmar travel and tours and set out explore Burma in its true colors, and here you are likely to encounter a fusion of sacredness, a bounty of nature and gregarious native’s unselfish conviviality; join our Myanmar Tours to unveil the various draperies of its cultural mindset, emotional tendencies, and hospitality. Book our Myanmar Adventure Travel to experience the majesty of rivers, the serenity of lakes and vastness of nature on our Burma Vacation Packages.

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