Bike Riding Tour - Weekend Getaway near Bengaluru

Top 9 Getaways Near Bangalore For Thrilling Bike Riding Tour

Are you bored sitting at home and looking for a thrilling, adventures road trip with your friend in need, which is none other than your superbike? Then here are the best locations you can ride to on your love near the tech-city of Bangalore. These 9 places in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are a must go if you want a short break from the daily commotion of the city. Check them out and choose your type of place from this diverse list of towns, villages and hill stations for your next adventure!


180 km from Bangalore, Biligiriranga Hill (BR Hill), also known as K Gudi, borders the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Named after the famous temple of Shri Biligiri Ranganathaswamy which is installed there, it is the much-needed getaway you have been looking for for a while. Perfect for a biking trip, you can reach BR Hills from Bangalore via Mysore Highway and enjoy the pleasant weather along with sights to behold on your way. It is the best route to have a day trip to and from these hills offering various attractions besides only the mentioned pilgrimage centre such as a wildlife sanctuary, historic lifestyles, markets and of course, the hills themselves which can be trekked upon.


If you want a day full of adventures but as close as possible to Bangalore, the greens of Bheemeshwari Hills is exactly what you need. Full of untouched flora and fauna blooming due to the presence of Cauvery river, the place offers you a perfect getaway within 100kms from Bangalore. With all the forest cover around, the major attraction of the place is not only the natural environment it provides but the thrilling activities one can do there such as kayaking, coracle riding, river rafting, ziplining and trekking. And you can do all this in a single day. Imagine the fun! All you have to do for your bike trip is get your biking partner or just get that bike, put on your helmet and there you go!


A place rich in history and famous among the Jains all over the world, Shravanabelagola is another escape one must ride to and explore. Only 144 km away from the tech-city of Bangalore, this Jain pilgrimage location is for those who are interested in the history and the origins of Jainism. Besides, the place is surrounded by greenery all around and is full of various breathtaking architectural sites such as Vadegal Basadi, Sidhara Basadi and Akkana Basadi. For people who love the adventures of going on a bike trip but are searching to satisfy their curious mind, Shravanabelagola is the place for you.


Another place to satisfy all your religious and architectural needs is Hassan. With temples and buildings speaking about their history, the city of Hassan has many places to get a break from the daily hustle of the city. Located between two major cities of Karnataka, Mangalore and Bangalore, the city is an easy getaway from Bangalore and is about 185kms far. It is a good short ride on your bike since it is mostly the highways that you need to be on and the roads which earlier took about five hours now reach Hassan in less than three.

Besides, the city-district has villages like Ramanathapura and Bisle Ghat which again have temples and lush green areas on the hills. Not just the hills, but the Bisle Beauty Spot, the waterfalls and the wildlife sanctuary at the place will give your bike riding tour another reason, more than just the thrills of riding!


The lush green of the Scotland of India – Coorg can be found in Somwarpet. The variety of flora and fauna, the serenity of the hills and many activities to do is one of the best choices if you are planning for a bike ride to get a break from Bangalore. A little far from the city, compared to other locations, Somwarpet is located about 234kms away. However, a long weekend getaway on a road trip riding your bike is more than perfect to actually breathe in some fresh air and give your mind the calmness you have been craving for.


Very close to the capital city Bangalore, merely 60 km, Ghati Subramanya is the closest location you can ride to for getting all the biking thrills. The Ghati is situated in the Doddaballapura Taluk in Bangalore Rural District of Karnataka. It is famous for the temple of Lord Shiva and is one of the most visited places by the Hindu Pilgrims. There cannot be a better place than this to find some peace within the city without going too far.


Hesaraghatta is very different from the other places mentioned above when it comes to attractions. Not the temples or the historical sites but Hesaraghatta is a place where you can go and sit near the lake and experience the tranquil view of this man-made reservoir. Yes, a man-made reservoir, no less than a natural lake, within the city. The Hesaraghatta lake is located 18km towards the north of Bangalore, is another place within the capital where you can ride to and enjoy the view!


Horsley Hills also known as Horsleykonda or Yenugulla Mallamma Konda is a hilly range in Andhra Pradesh only 165 km away from Bangalore. This hilly range will make you feel as if you are taking a road trip through the Northern ranges of Himalaya. Horsley hills are one of the prime destinations in Andhra as a hill station and are also called the Ooty of Andhra offering zoos, temples, waterfalls and everything you need from nature. This hilly range is full of lush green patches and mountains all around. It is a perfect place to provide you with the peace and calm within owing to the presence of breathtaking views and an abundance of flora and fauna.


204 km from Bangalore, Yercaud is a hill station you shouldn’t miss in the South. One of the major hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is known for its coffee, fruit and spice plantations. The town lies at the Shevaroy Hills and has many attractions such as Lady’s Seat, Gent’s seat and Children’s seat. Besides it has many viewpoints and waterfalls to get all the possible feelings you get at a hill station. Lastly, there’s also a boat house at Yercaud lake you can visit and enjoy as a tourist on your short bike trip and experience the Japanese Garden at the Anna Park. So what are you waiting for? Get that helmet and the key and start riding your bike to the place you are attracted to the most!

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