Maharastra Western Ghats in Monsoon

Top 10 places to visit from Mumbai during the monsoon

Have you ever travelled during the monsoon? The Earth seems fresh and welcoming. The mountains look more green. The air feels cleaner and refreshing. There is something that just makes you happy about the rains, right? Do not think of travelling during the monsoon as a hassle. If you plan a trip with a flexible itinerary, it is quite easy to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Keeping the beauty of rains in mind, here is a list of places to visit from Mumbai during the monsoon.

1. Khandala

Khandala, a hill station in Maharashtra, is blessed with an abundance of nature’s beauty. Located conveniently between Pune and Mumbai, Khandala boasts of a pleasant climate at 550 meters above sea level. It is easily one of the best places to visit from Mumbai during the monsoon. During rains, Khandala comes alive with stunning lush greenery, over-flowing lakes and gushing waterfalls.

It is an ideal weekend destination from Mumbai to destress and relax in the green carpets of the mountains. Its stunning beauty makes it a popular romantic destination as well.

Some of the must-visit places in Khandala are Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort, Bedsa Caves, Duke’s Nose and Tiger’s Leap. If you have more time, visit Kune Waterfalls, Bushi Dam and Tungarli Lake as well.

2. Malshej Ghat

A breathtaking hill station with numerous waterfalls, lakes, and mountains, Malshej Ghat is very popular among nature lovers. It is a perfect retreat from the frantic pace of city life and a heavenly abode of natural beauty.

From numerous waterfalls that come alive during monsoon to magnificently structured dams and lofty forts, it has a stunning landscape. The Harishchandragad Fort is very popular among trekking enthusiasts and presents some hiking options as well. Malshej Falls, Ajoba Hillfort, and the exquisite Pimpalgaon Dam are some attractions that will leave any traveller spellbound.

Art lovers can visit the temples in the Ghat,  dating back to 16th century AD.  Pimpalgaon Dam also beckons bird watchers as it houses several migratory birds such as Pink Flamingoes.

With birds like Alpine Swift, Whistling Thrush, Purple Moorhen and Pied Crusted Cuckoo making frequent appearances, the Ghat is a haven for birdwatchers.  There are also a few local markets here where the tourists can spend time shopping.

3. Durshet

Durshet, a small village on the banks of Amba River, is a top contender for places to visit from Mumbai in monsoon.

Nestled in the Sahyadri range, it is situated at a distance of 100 kilometres from Mumbai/Pune. Popular as an adventure getaway destination for individuals and corporates, it offers a variety of activities. The Kundalika River boasts of water sports such as river crossing, rappelling, and river rafting.

Durshet is set on the Khopoli-Pali Road and is in close proximity to the Ashtavinayak Temples of Pali and Mahad. The Mahad Ganapati Temple and Pali Ganapati Temple also see visitors throughout the year. The Pali Fort is very popular among adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. The Uddhar hot water springs provide a natural stress busting experience, especially during rains.

The local cuisine at Durshet is dominated by Maharashtrian influences with a blend of North and South Indian cuisines. It is also known for its spicy delicacies of fried food and curries. Misal – a spicy gravy made of peas, potatoes, and other sprouts, is a mouth-watering local dish to try.

4. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort, or “Iron Fort” in English, is situated in the Lonavala region about 94.2 kilometres from Mumbai.

The majestic ruins of the Lohagad Fort have a rich historical significance and a protected monument by the Archaeology Survey of India.. It divides the basins of the Pavana and Indrayani Rivers and is located on the range of the Sahyadris. The four massive gates of the fort – the Ganesh Darwaja, the Narayan Darwaja, the Hanuman Darwaja and the Maha Darwaja – are still in excellent condition. This attracts visitors from all over the world.

On the western side, there is a long, narrow fortified spur called Vinchukata which offers a spectacular view. During the monsoon, Lohagad Fort is extremely popular as a local picnic spot as well.

During heavy rains, the plateau becomes misty and cold and attracts travellers. A lush, green carpet and small wildflowers along the route welcome all visitors. One can also trek to the neighbouring Vispur Fort, which is higher than the Lohagad Fort.

5. Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam is located in the hilly region of the Sahyadri forests,  Maharashtra. From the Mulshi Dam, tourists can witness the beauty of the Ratnagiri hills and the hill ranges of Pagota and Hattihant. Tourists can also relax and enjoy the boating facilities during their visit.

The Mulshi Dam is a perfect monsoon destination for a lazy weekend. The waterfalls are at their best and the monsoon mist descends on the surroundings creating a heavenly view.

Bird watching enthusiasts also flock here as the dam is home to several different bird species. An old ‘Vanjai’ Mata Temple near the dam is also worth a visit. It is a great destination for campers and trekkers as well. Tourists can either carry their own gear or obtain it easily from several agents nearby.

Paradise Cafe provides an unparalleled dining experience for the travellers. The outdoor restaurant looks out to the beautiful valley while serving excellent food.

6. Karnala

Karnala provides a refreshing break for city dwellers who Looking for nature centric holidays.  The Karnala Sanctuary is a short drive from Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune Highway and is one of the best places to visit from Mumbai during the monsoon.

It is a relatively small sanctuary, roughly 4.8 square kilometres in area, but is home to over 150 resident bird species and about 37 types of avian migrants. The migrants include birds such as the Blue-headed Rock-thrush, the Black Headed Cuckoo-shrike, the Blackbird, the Bluethroat and a host of others. Although Karnala is mainly a bird sanctuary, there are many other forms of wildlife such as the Wild Boar, the Muntjak, the Four-horned Antelope, and the common Langur.

At the onset of the monsoon, one can view the Paradise Flycatcher, the Magpie Robin, and the Malabar Whistling Thrush making it feature on our list of best places to visit in Mumbai during the monsoon.

7. Thoseghar Falls

The Thoseghar Waterfall is extremely popular and attracts tourists to witness the beauty of the 1000 feet high waterfall.

There is a small trek that leads up to the waterfall, and the tourists can hear the waterfall much before they actually see it. The falls are even more beautiful in the monsoon season as it is full of water and the greenery is at its enchanting best. A wide variety of butterflies can be seen at the falls.

Even the route to the falls from Satara is very scenic and a sight to behold making it one of the best places to visit from Mumbai during the monsoon.

8. Kalsubai Peak

The highest peak in Maharashtra, the Kalsubai Peak, towers at a height of staggering 1646 meters above sea level.

The Kalsubai Temple is situated at the highest summit dedicated to Kalsubai, a local deity. A local priest conducts a traditional prayer service every Tuesday and Thursday. Local villagers trade the pooja materials throughout the year.

On the occasion of Navratri, several stalls are set up on the summit to sell the pooja materials. During the entire Navratri period i.e. nine days, special ceremonies are carried out and the idol of the deity is beautifully decorated. Additionally, a special fair is organized for the festivities.

Monsoons only seem to enhance the beauty of this place and make it more appealing to travellers.

9. Alibaug

Alibaug is a small coastal town located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is easily accessible as it is well-connected to Mumbai by rail, road, and ferry. The beaches are a popular getaway due to its prime location – just 100 kilometres from Mumbai.

Apart from the surf and the sand, fresh seafood cooked and served in the typical Konkani style is a key highlight of a holiday in Alibaug. Also, the Kolaba fort is located just about a kilometre from the shores of Alibaug beach.

During a low tide, the Kolaba fort is accessible by a narrow strip of land that disappears underwater during a high tide. The rocky beach provides a romantic setting, with the Kolaba fort visible at a distance.

Akshi beach and Nagaon beach towards Murud Janjira are about 7 kilometres from Alibaug bus stand and are a popular tourist attraction as well.

Tourists can stay in the local town if they wish to do some beach hopping, and there are an ample number of good hotels, resorts, and homestays to choose from. If you have always clubbed the beaches with the sun, its time you change it.

Watch the tides roar in unison with the lashing rains. We promise it will be one of the best experiences you have.

10. Matheran

Matheran is a famous hill station at a height of 800 meters above sea level in Maharashtra. The name Matheran roughly translates to  ‘Woodland overhead’ or ‘Forest on Top’.

From lush, green hills to stunning view, Matheran has it all. This hill station has adopted a “no vehicle policy” that keeps pollution in check. You can take long, uninterrupted walks in the roads leading to the woods. During the monsoon season, the hill station of Matheran is constantly covered with clouds and, frequently, one loses sight of surroundings behind the thick mist and clouds.

It is a perfect destination for couples owing to its beautiful scenery. If you wish to spend some time alone and take a break, then head to Matheran.

If you love the rains, then choose your favourite from our list of places to visit from Mumbai in the monsoon and have a great holiday!

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