Making waves in Morocco Beaches

With its very own ocean drive spanning thousands of miles, Morocco is one of the best destinations in the world for board sports and relaxing beach holidays. Many water sport professionals travel from near and far to take to the Atlantic Ocean waves with mythical spots Taghazout, Essaouira and Dakhla putting Morocco on the map.

Whether you dip your toes in the warm turquoise waters of the bay of Dakhla, ride the waves on the beach of Taghazout, taste fresh fish in a beachfront restaurant in Agadir or relax on the white golden sands of seaside resort, Saidia, beach life is paradise in the Kingdom of Light. Dive right in and discover why Morocco’s Beach and Sport options have the edge.

Morocco’s Beach and Sport options

Board sport is big in Morocco. It is no wonder with 3,500km of coastline that water sport enthusiasts have been visiting the country for centuries to take to the waves along both the Atlantic Ocean (3,000km of coastline) and Mediterranean Sea (500km of coastline). Whether surfing, paddle boarding or windsurfing there is a lot of choice for waters sports.

Surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing are some of the most popular water activities across the west coast and there are many choices of destinations whether you are a beginner or pro with water sport schools set up along the beaches.

Surfers have long since been visiting Morocco since the 1960s, where they can escape to the warmer climes of Morocco instead of Europe’s better-known destinations. From September through to March, surfers can find the best swells and perfect weather. So, whether looking for rocky bottoms or sandy ones, reef breaks or beach breaks there is a beach and a surf school for every visitor, whichever the level of expertise. The most famous surf spots lie north of Agadir and around the fishing village of Taghazout.

Morocco Beach Landscapes
Morocco Beach Landscapes

For a more tranquil ride in calmer waters, why not try stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, or sailing in Dakhla and Essaouira. There’s a range of windsurfing conditions in Morocco from flat water

lagoons to world-class wave spots for the braver windsurfer. The wind in Morocco is strongest from July until August yet even from April to November conditions are reliable.

As well as more high energy water sports there are also many spots for snorkelling, sea fishing and diving. Many seaside resorts and beach side villages offer excursions where you can explore beneath the waters from underwater reefs, mystical caves, and varied sea life.

Sun and Sand

Morocco has a huge variety of beaches from natural seaside bathing spots and sleepy fishing ports to modern seaside resorts offering a host of water sports. From crystalline waters and rocky coasts to calm lagoons and windy coves there is plenty to discover among its 174 beaches, spanning some 3,500km.

The current top five beaches in Morocco according to TripAdvisor include:

Surfing in Morocco Beaches
Surfing in Morocco Beaches

1. Agadir Beach

A shimmering breezy coast, dotted with outdoor cafés and plenty of water sports activities

2. Essaouira Beach

Great for long walks, camel or horse riding and kite surfing

3. Legzira Beach

Close to Sidi Ifni this beach includes rock arch formations and very fine, golden sand; perfect for surfing and paragliding

4. Taghazout Beach

A surfing mecca with a popular, hippie vibe

5. Paradise Beach, Kaf Lahmam

A quieter beach south of Assilah Beach sustainability is also important to Morocco and currently 21 beaches hold ‘Blue Flag’ status, while many local hostels and water sport camps run beach clean-up initiatives.

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