Family Adventure in South India

South India- A Hub Of Family Adventures

All your adventure trips with friends and colleagues after the release of Dil Chahta Hai, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are probably done already. But have you ever thought of going for an adventure trip with your family? Guess how amazing it would be to see your Mom flying high while paragliding, your Dad underwater learning how to snorkel and feeling proud about it, you and your cousins shouting while river rafting! Are you excited already? Imagine actually doing it!

Well, if you have started planning your next exciting adventure trip with the family, these enthralling experiences in the South Indian towns and cities are perfect for you to start with:


The presence of various hill stations at Nilgiris, Uttar Kannada, Udupi and all the coastal Karnataka has made South India a perfect place for Paragliding. With pleasant weather and the right amount of wind for this adventure sport, you should definitely go out with your family to get the gist of flying high like a bird amidst the serene greenery of South India.


Well, not just paragliding but it’s little brother, parasailing is also one of the most looked forward to adventure sports in South India. The whole coastal region along the Arabian Sea offers you various occasions to enjoy and get the thrills of parasailing. Especially, if you are planning to go paragliding, this can be a good start to get off with the fear of heights.

Rafting & Other Boat Rides

With the presence of various waterfalls and rivers among the hilly ranges of the South, it becomes only easier for the rafters to enjoy their sport. Many hill stations here offer you the opportunity to bring out your adventurous self and jump on the boat to learn and experience the river rafting. Not just a basic boat but there’s also a thing called bamboo rafting! Just imagine how much fun it would be to ride on a boat made of bamboo.

Besides, there are other kinds of boat rides too such as banana boat rides along the beaches, the Kovalam wooden boat rides and the famous Coracle Ride at Hampi.

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

If there’s one thing that people have become fond of when it comes to water sports is Snorkeling. Isn’t it true? Well, you don’t need to go all the way abroad for this one. You can have one of the best experiences of snorkeling in the coastal regions of Southern India. The beaches here offer you with all the necessary equipment and training for you to enjoy snorkelling under the Arabian Sea.

And if you can go snorkelling, then what’s the harm in finally bringing out the Hrithik Roshan in you and go all the way scuba diving? Not all the beaches but few offer you Scuba Diving, but the ones offering it are perfect for the non-professionals like us, who are trying it for the first or maybe the second time.


Probably the last but not least, this water sport is something for which you imagine being in Australia but no, your own country offers you so much to surf around the waves of the Arabian Sea beaches, you can only hold on your breath and start practising for it. Not known by many, South Indian beaches give you plenty of opportunities to get your surfboard on the waves and start challenging them. Some of them are known as the Surfer’s Paradise and that is for a reason!

Trekking & Trails

Not just the water sports, the major attraction in the South Indian hill stations, is the space they offer for putting on your shoes and starting trekking. If you are with your family, there’s nothing better than going for a trekking expedition, across the hilly regions of South India. It is one of the easiest yet difficult adventure sports but the best thing is, you won’t need to prepare much like other adventures such as snorkelling, scuba diving or paragliding, The rocky terrain of the tea and coffee plantations and the greenery all around gives you a perfect mix to experience this enthralling adventure.

Rock Climbing

Another land adventure sport which can be done in abundance all across Southern India is rock climbing. To test the stamina and patience of your family, nothing can be better than rock climbing. The one motivating you from down below the rocks and the once climbing up with you, this is a perfect family adventure sport which can be experienced in its full gist.

Besides these, many other adventures such as Jungle Night Patrol, Kayaking, Yacht Sailing, Fishing, Waterfall Rappelling etc. can be experienced in South India. All you need is to get all the motivation and energy for yourself and your family and vacation in this region of India full of all kinds of adventures would be one to remember!

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