Weekend Getaway Destinations From Bangalore Above 200 Kms

Bangalore is known for its interesting cosmopolitan culture, and the pleasant climate. But frankly, the city has developed from the modern remains of the globalisation; it barely has an historic enigma to it. But the getaways are breathtakingly beautiful and extremely convenient. And if you are a passionate traveler, Bangalore is the perfect place. It is located centrally to all the nearby getaways, be it mountains or the sea. The bus services and availability of commute is also good.

Here are 10 places around Bangalore at above 200+ kms that you would love to visit on a long weekend.


360 kilometers, 6 hours, and you will be captivated in the surrounding beauty of lush green hills. Coorg is the ultimate destination for de-stressing in the nature. It is more popular for the mouth-watering pork and homemade wine. Don’t worry if you do not have a car, you can take any night bus and reach Coorg by dawn. The bus fares barely exceed Rs. 800, and it is easily available online. There are a plenty of homestays in Coorg, and Coorg people are extremely hospitable. Every house has a homestay and you also get to explore local cuisine if you stay in these places. They are also reasonable and light on your pocket. There are various activities that can add to the fun.

Things To Do: You can go river rafting for Rs. 1,500 or camping for Rs. 1,400. Food and local commute is also affordable. And you can explore the whole of Coorg in three days. It is a plantation land so choose your homestay wisely, as some maybe in small towns and interiors. In Rs. 5,000 you can have a fulfilling trip in Coorg.

Distance: 360 Kms


The birth place of coffee plantations in India, Chikmagalur is surrounded in verdant landscapes, gushing streams and aromatic coffee plantations. Come here on a nature sojourn and break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beautiful rolling hills, expansive meadows, coffee gardens, and free flowing rivers of this massive hill station will keep you entertained, while your Chikmagalur homestay keeps you comfortable on your vacation. Normally the stays prices starts at Rs 2,000 with all meals inclusive.

Things To Do: You can go trekking, camping, coffee plantation tours. Some of the noted places in Chikmagalur are Baba Budangiri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullayyanagiri, Kudremukh, Sringeri Sharadamba Temple, Devarmane and Ettina Bhuja. In Rs. 4,000 you can have a fulfilling trip in Coorg.

Distance: 243 Kms


Mountains enveloped in mist and clouds at an arms distance, Sakleshpur is an ideal spot for avid photographers, nature lovers, trekkers and those with a simple love for the outdoors. Sakleshpur is a hill station town in Hassan district of Karnataka. With an array of options to visit around; like Manjarabadh Fort, Madikeri and Gorur Dam and only 220 Km away from Bangalore, discover the delights of this charming hill station in a cottage overlooking the hilly landscape.  You can quickly book a stay in one of the quaint homestays in Sakleshpur and relax in the lap of nature.Normally the stays  prices starts at Rs 2,000 with all meals inclusive.

Things To Do: You can go trekking, camping, coffee plantation tours. Some of the noted places in Chikmagalur are Baba Budangiri, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Mullayyanagiri, Kudremukh, Sringeri Sharadamba Temple, Devarmane and Ettina Bhuja. In Rs. 4,000 you can have a fulfilling trip in Coorg.

Distance: 243 Kms


I know if you have been to the Himalayas, the Nilgiris look petty. But you cannot ignore the magnificent hills. A mere 460 kilometers and a drive through the beautiful terrains will take you there. You can avail any comfortable non AC sleeper buses for Rs. 1,000, one way. There are vans or jeeps available for tourists to avail, even local buses are available, though the services are limited. You can rent a cycle for Rs. 30 per hour and roam around. There are beautiful viewpoints from where you can watch the scarlet sunset, sinking in the spellbound beauty.

Things To Do: You can visit waterfalls, lakes or even the silent valley zone; it is really silent. The hotel rates vary according to the season, with peak season prices soaring high. But the tariff ranges between Rs. 400 – Rs. 1,200. Continental food is more widely available. You can finish your Kodaikanal trip in Rs. 6,000.

Distance: 460 KM


This is literally the beach lover’s paradise, which is, if you are not fond of commercial and crowded beaches. There are around five beaches that covers Gokarna – Om beach, Paradise beach, Kudle beach, Half Moon beach and Gokarna beach. The paradise beach is known for its white sand. You may need to shell out Rs. 800 for one way buses. It takes you to Gokarna town, from where you can take autos for a maximum Rs. 200 to take you to the beaches. Kudle beach is the most popular beach. Don’t expect any fancy hotel there as mostly there are shacks with common toilets. But don’t be terrified, you can also find shacks with attached bath. The cuisine is mostly similar across all shacks, and continental food sells like hot cakes. You can also get beer for charges slightly above the market price.

Things To Do: You can take boat services for Rs. 2,500 (if you are going in a group), and go and visit all the other beaches. You can walk and go to the Gokarna town or just walk across the beach, climb a little undulating, uphill stretch and take an auto for Rs. 50 to reach the town. Make sure you pick up something from the ‘hippie’ market, as some may call it (You can totally bargain, just depends on your skill). For Rs. 5,000 you can explore the whole of Gokarna.

Distance: 485 Kms


Yes, it is closer to Tamil Nadu, but it not too far away from Bangalore. It is located at a distance of 350 kilometers. This small town is a true reminiscence of French culture and heritage. The street names, the chapels and churches, everything is a miniature reflection of French inheritance. The bus fares from Bangalore to Pondicherry start from Rs. 700, one way. There are many lodging options at affordable rates and you can explore the nook and corner of Pondicherry on a scooter or a bike; which you can rent for very reasonable prices.

Things To Do: You can go around visiting churches, temples, fort remnants, but you cannot miss Auroville. Auroville is also known as the ‘city of dawn’ and it is only 8 kilometers away from Pondicherry. You can meet people from across the globe, who also go there to seek ‘Nirvana’ or an enlightening experience. You can get hotels ranging from Rs. 600 – Rs. 1,800. You can get authentic French cuisine here and even popular French food items like Baguettes, Croissants, Stuffed Cabbage and much more. In Rs. 6,000 you can roam around luxuriously in Pondicherry.

Distance: 350 KM


It is a small hill town in the God’s own country, Kerala. It is a paradise made of plantations, reeking heavily of the coffee grown there, and the pleasant and cool weather just adds to the experience. This mesmerising hill town is located at a distance of 260 kilometers from Bangalore and bus fares are Rs.1,000 at the most. There are decent hotels at affordable rates available for people like us, who like to splurge on the local beauty. You can also find accommodation in the plantations as that is another surreal experience.

Things To Do: You can visit the other peaks in the same range, or go to Edakkal caves. A fascinating place to see in Wayanad is the Bamboo forest. It is intriguing, gorgeous and gives a spooky feeling. You can trek to Phantom rocks, Neelimala view point and other places. You can get good places to stay for reasonable rates.

Distance: 390 Kms


A temple city might sound repelling but this town with its magnificent beaches, will make you want to reconsider it as an interesting getaway. It is an overnight journey of 460 kilometers and you just need to pay Rs. 1,200 at the most to get a round trip ticket.

Things To Do: The Malpe beach is the most popular beach there, and there are many cafés that you can visit as well. Having said that, do not miss out on Maravanthe beach, often considered the most beautiful beach in Karnataka. Besides strolling on the beaches or churches or temples, you can also take off to a ‘salt island’, where you can try out exotic seafood. You can also go to Manipal, about ten kilometers away. It is ‘student town’ and there are a lot of pubs, where you can spend a leisurely evening. Rs. 5,000 is all you need to spend for a short trip to Udupi.

Distance: 460 KM


Hampi is another temple town, but unlike Udupi, this place is more like city of old temples, which means it has historical relevance. The city is bifurcated by a river, meandering through the city, but also divides it into two distinct banks. Once you reach there, make sure you watch the sunrise by the banks. And then you can take the local motor boats, which is functional only after 8 am. Then you get to the cooler side of the town, which exuberates the ‘hippie’ vibe. Accommodation can be settled in Rs. 600 at the most (the prices soar in peak seasons).

Things To do: You can rent a bike, scooter or bullet, for approximately Rs. 200 – Rs. 500 and take a trip around the town. Hampi is pitch dark at night without street lights, so make sure you stride back to your accommodation before it’s dark. You can take a trip to Hampi In Rs. 4,500 – Rs. 5,000.

Distance: 350 KM


Yes, you can absolutely have a budget trip to Goa. But this comes with a disclaimer – the thrilling budget trip idea is absolutely invalid for peak seasons. So, you can do a budget trip anytime between March to October. When in Goa, you need not worry about where to stay, how to make the most in such a little time, and so on and so forth. You get innumerable options to stay, at very affordable rates.

Things To Do: You can rent a bike, scooter or a bullet and just go wherever you wish to go. Goa is more about exploring the gripping tourist culture and just letting go. You can happily explore Goa in Rs. 6,000. Also, you can get beer for as cheap as Rs. 45 for a pint of beer.

Distance: 560 KM


If you want to just get away from the monotonous work-home schedule and take your time off to relax, Yercaud is your place. It is only a mere 260 Kilometers from Bangalore and also a part of the enchanting Nilgiris. It is the perfect hill station, offering you just what you need to release your stress.

Things To Do: You bask in the captivating beauty of the Yercaud hills and just gorge on the exquisite Mangalorean food and seasonal jams and pickles. You can camp at the nearby hills and protected forest cover. You can also trek to nearby places at your own pace and not care about the world. You can totally do a Yercaud trip for Rs. 6,000.

Distance: 260 KM


Another beautiful hill station, Ooty is just 300 kilometers away from Bangalore. Every bus going to Mysore, goes via Ooty, and you need to spend Rs. 800 one way. Ooty is also a plantation estate, so you can find a lot of places to stay for cheap.

Things To Do: You can visit lakes, national parks, falls. You can take the toy train ride and be random and get off wherever you want. That is the whole idea of a getaway, right?

Distance: 300 KM

Note: If you are looking for a Weekend Getaway Destinations Near Bangalore for a day outing then please check our previous blog which has a proper guidelines for the short trips near Bangalore.

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