How Chikmagalur Attracts Tourists?

Chikmagalur is situated in the southwestern part of Karnataka, the Chikmagalur literally name means ‘The Younger Daughter’s town’. Legend reads that this town has given the dowry for the younger daughter of the Rukmangada; he was the famous chief of the Sakarepatna. Chikmagalur is a calm, serene town full of scenic surprise. Hills, rivers, streams and snow falls, coffee blossom are here too. Then Chikmagalur is a Coffee land.

In and round of Chikmagalur there are beautiful hills situations, and places of picturesque beauty.

In Chikmagalur the weather will be pleasant from September to March.

The plants are grown in the Chikmagalur are coffee, tea,  black paper, cardamom, paddy, vanilla, orange and the other seasonal plants are also grown.

The places to visit in Chikmagalur are;

Kemmanagundi,  Hebbe falls,  Horanadu,  Kalathi giri,  Bababudayan giri,  Hiremagalur temple,  Kalasa temple,  Bhadra wild life sanctuary,  Mulayanagiri,  Z point,  Sringri,  Kudremukh,  Belur,  Halebidu,  etc.,

‘Sri kshetra horanadu’ is situated on the bank of river Bhadra in a remote area of chickmagalur dist Karnataka. Surrendered by the natural vegetarian forest, green land and natural beauty of the western ghat. The place atteacts a lot of pligramage who are provided free boarding and lodging by the temple the new deity of godess Annapurneshwari was consecrated in the temple 1973.

‘Kalsa temple’ this is situated on the bank of the river Bhadra. It is surrounded with the Western Ghats and is looked upon the pancha-kestra on the bank of river Bhadra. This Kalaeshwara temple is close by are the pancha theerthas, the five sacred ponds. On a small hillrock here is the Kalaseshwara temple in dedicated to Ishwara, with a Kshetrapala shrine of soap stone in Hoysala style nearby. It is also called as the ‘dakshina kashi’.

‘Kalathi giri falls’ kalathi giri is situated in the village of kalathipura. Kalathi giri is 10km away from kemannagundi.  In kalathi giri it has a water fall from the 122 meters of fascinating scenery.  There is a veerabhadra temple which is dedicated as the lord Shiva and it is constructed in between the rocks. This temple will be reached after crossing the river (waterfall). One can see the three elephant were water will be falling in front of the temple.

‘Baba budayan giri’ or ‘Datta petta’ this is place where you can find the Hindu and the Muslim god in the same cave. The Hindus god named as Dattaray swamy.  The Muslim god is Fakir Khan.  Here the fest will be celebrated by both Hindu and Muslim.
‘Mullayanagiri’ is the highest peak of Karnataka state located in Bababudangiri range of Chikmagalur.
 Mullayanagiri is just 12 Km from Chikmagalur. Mullayanagiri is part of the Baba Budan Giri Hill Ranges. The height of Mullayanagiri is 6330 ft (1,930 meters) and it is regarded as the highest peak between Himalayas and Nilgiris.

There is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on top of the hill. The small hillock in the temple premises is the highest point.

Mullayanagiri is the trekker’s paradise. Trekking at this place is a memorable experience. You can enjoy the speed of cold wind that is hitting you and also you can see a mist that which is touching the sky. It will be a good experience if you reach this place by 7 AM.

‘Heebe falls’ this is the beautiful waterfalls, its 10km away from the Kemmangundi hills.  Here the water streams down from the height of 168 meters, in to two forms i.e chikka hebbe and dodda heebe.

‘Bhadra wild life sanctuary’ it is situated in the western ghat of the Chikmagalur dist of Karnataka. This sanctuary is covering the area if 492.46 sq. km.

This sanctuary is located a distance of 38 km from the northwest chickmagalur town. The sanctuary surrounded by the bababudayan giri, mulayngiri, even Bhadra River flows etc., Bhadra wild life sanctuary gets the name from the Bhadra River. Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is also popularly known as ‘Muthodi wildlife sanctuary’.

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