Workation? These 5 Off-beat Locations Are The Best Retreats For Your Work-vacation

Workation or a work-vacation is the latest trend among the millennials and gen-z who want a perfectly balanced life between their work and travel plans. And what better than working in a location which actually feels like a holiday destination? Especially after the pandemic, working remotely has become the most favourable option on the part of employers as well as employees. So why not work somewhere relaxing and soothing to release the pressure from all the eye-straining, unhealthy work-from-home in front of the screens?

Here are top-5 destinations that fulfill all the requirements of a workation – right from picturesque and tranquil environments to good connectivity of transport and internet:

WORKATION Destinations in India

Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu

Part of the Mudumalai forest belt, Masinagudi is one of the most perfect places to set up a work-station. With a variety of lush greens, mountains and occasional guests in forms of animals, this South Indian destination provides you with all the necessary breaks from work as well as a serene environment to concentrate on your work. The forest belt of Mudumalai is one long cover across the 3 states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The easiest way to reach the place is through Coimbatore railway station or Coimbatore Airport and the best months to visit or stay at the place is from March to June or September and October.

Bir, Himachal Pradesh

This little Tibetan village in the rural Himachal Pradesh is the best location for your adventurous side which cannot be brought out while working in an office day and night. Famous for one of the best paragliding locations, Bir can prove to be an experience for life for people looking for a calm yet an adventurous place to work from. A greener, peaceful and yet full of life destination, Bir is among the favourites of people looking for a workation.

The closest airport to Bir is Kangra Airport, while a train to Pathankot Railway station will take you to Bir. The best time to be in this Tibetan village is between October and June.

Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Another off-beat location in the heart of Himachal is Jibhi- a green belt at the Tirthan Valley is not known popularly. However, it is known by few for the famous waterfalls it has amongst the forests. Perfect for workation with good connectivity of the internet and various options to get a break from the screen among the forests, mountains and waterfalls, Jibhi has the potential to turn into one of the most popular places for working remotely.

The simplest way to travel to Jibhi is by road from Manali, through a bus or by private taxi/car. The best time to carry out a workation in Jibhi is during the summer months between March and July.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

If you are not a mountain person, then Varkala beach in the Southern State of India, Kerala which is also known as the God’s own country is one must-go destination, and even better for a workation. Popularly known as the Pearl of Arabian Sea, Varkala is a location which will give you all the vibes you need to get into the working mode. The cool breeze, scenic background and tranquil weather add to your holiday feels.

Located at Trivandrum, the closest route that can be taken to reach Varkala is from Thiruvananthapuram railway station or airport. The best time to be there is during the winter/spring months from October to March.

Khimsar, Rajasthan

What can be more off-beat than a desert to work at? Khimsar is a desert in north-central Rajasthan near the golden city of Jodhpur. Famous for its forts and dunes, Khimsar is growing into a tourist attraction with Rajasthan tourism promoting it constantly. However, very few people know about it since working in a desert is not everyone’s first choice. But if you are keen about history, and love the warmer weather during the working hours of the day, Khimsar can prove to be a favourite place to work.

The closest airport to Khimsar is in Jodhpur and similarly the railway station. The best time to stay in the desert would without a doubt be during the moderate weather months from January to April. The summers here are very hot and winters extremely cold.

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