Munnar Tea Plantation Walking Trails

Walking Tours in Munnar – Walking Trails in Munnar

Sometimes, the best way to explore a place is to step out and walk about, discovering the unexplored nooks and crannies of the town, striking up conversations with the locals, experiencing the buzz of the markets and truly absorbing the vibe of the place. Letting you do this, walking trails are a great way to explore a city. This is particularly true for Munnar. A quaint hill town and former resort for the British Raj elite, Munnar is tucked away in the Western Ghats mountain range of Kerala’s Idukki district. Expansive tea plantations, verdant rolling hills and splendid views are what you can look out for while here. From a tea tasting trail to a complete sightseeing tour, we have picked out five walking tours in Munnar for you to try out on your next trip to the hill station.

Start your day with a guided morning trail

Why not start your day with a refreshing walk along the foggy morning paths? You get to enjoy a view of the colossal mountains that dot the horizon as well as gape at the scenic tea plantations that the town is known for. Accompanied by an expert guide, you can get up close to nature and know more about the region’s flora and fauna. Munnar is also bordered by wildlife sanctuaries that add to your experience. While these trails are best suited for a misty morning here, you can also sign up for evening walking tours in Munnar to explore the town.

A tea tasting trail in Munnar’s Tea Museum

No trip here is complete without trying one of these plantation walking tours in Munnar. Whether it’s to admire the beauty of the lush tea estates or to try out different teas, this tea plantation tour will sort you out. Taking you through Munnar’s famed Tea Museum, the informative and engaging tour introduces you to everything from the history of the town to the process of tea production and its exporting. After you’re familiar with the nitty-gritty of the entire process, you can sip on varied flavours of freshly brewed tea. What’s more, you can also stock up on homemade chocolates and spices which are available here.

A walk to Top Station

While Munnar has bustling markets and sightseeing spots like Matupetty Dam, nothing quite beats the experience you get at Top Station. A tourist spot perched high on the Kannan Devan hills of Munnar, Top Station offers stunning views and tranquil vibes. Go on a leisurely morning walk or a trek to the spot, where you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent sunrise. Or feel like you’re lost amongst fluffy clouds, enveloped by the mist. The place is also a great choice for camping under the starry night sky.

Excursion to Anaerangal Camp

Considered one of the best walking tours in Munnar, the excursion to Anaerangal Camp is perfect if you want to explore the scenic surroundings of the region. The route is quite famous because it takes you very close to the famed Anaerangal Lake. The Anaerangal Camp is set up alongside the slopes of a mountain, overlooking the serene waters of the lake. Ideal for campers and trekkers, the camp boasts of a gazebo with an amazing view, not to mention the fire pit which can be used if you’re planning to halt for the night. Papathy Shola, also known as Butterfly Forest, is in close proximity to the location and is definitely worth a visit.

Sightseeing tour of Munnar town

Here’s a trail that lets you experience a little bit of everything! From demos at the Tea Museum to sighting the Nilgiri Thar in Eravikulam National Park, a sightseeing tour in Munnar is a great option to explore the hill town. Offering a glimpse into the varied charms of Munnar, this is one of the best walking tours you can sign up for. Don’t forget to make a pitstop at the Elephant Park, where you can go on elephant safaris. While you’re at it, walk up to the ‘Phantom’s Head’ peak and experience the breathtaking view of the sunset. And, also remember to visit the aromatic cardamom plantations here. Photo Point, Matupetty Dam and Eco Point are other spots to check out for a wholesome experience of the beautiful hill town.

So, next time you head  here, make sure to pick from one of these walking tours in Munnar and truly experience the essence of the charming hill station.

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