Best Weekend Trip from Bangalore

A short break is more necessary when the stress and work load starts affecting the mind. The weather in the city makes the envy of the metropolis. When there is a day or more than a day plan for the weekend trip from Bangalore, to the beautiful destination for a break that leaves u raring to go again.

The Silicon city or the IT city of Bangalore has a several options to have a great weekend vacationers, with a below 500kms radius of the Bangalore, with an every kind of travelling places like nature, adventure, spirituality, wild, etc,.



Coorg: – Coorg is known as a Scotland of India, it is a stunning hill station with a misty hill, lush green valley, evergreen forest and the breath taking weather, and waterfalls. If u wants to sit back, enjoy and relax the vacation away from the city, then the Madikeri is the one of the place in Karnataka for you. Madikeri (at Coorg) it is a hill station and a tourist place in Karnataka. It’s 252kms away from the Bangalore. Coorg is on the western ghat.


Chikmagalur: – its literally means ‘the land of young daughter’. it is said to have been gifted as the dowry of the younger daughter of a legendary chieftain here, and there is also a place called Hiremagalur, ’land of the Elder daughter’ which is a part of the Chikmagalur district. Chikmagalur tourism place of the paradise for all tourists that lies near many tourist spots, pilgrimage site of the coffee plantation. Hills station, temples, waterfalls, etc.


Sangama: – Sangama in a scenic spot it is located 92kms away from the Bangalore. This place represents the point where Arkavati River meets the river Kaveri. There are some unexpected twists and turns on the road that makes the trip rather interesting and also a fabulous view of the river can be enjoyed.

A trip from Sangama would also provide the activities are like trekking, and fishing at the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary.


Jog Falls: – This place is most popular destination. The Jog falls is perhaps the most stunning example of the nature’s majesty. The falls is originated by the river Sharavathi and consist of four distinct segment and they are Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket. The sight of the magnificent sheet of the water cascading straight down a height of 830 feet unfettered by the rocks. The beauty of this view is enhanced by the natural beauty of its lush green surrounding. Best season to visit Jog falls is monsoon.



Murudeshwar: – It is the rich past home of the second largest Shiva Statue in the world. It is located on the main Mangalore – Karwar Highway; mududeshwara is a sandwich between the picturesque Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. Its main attraction are its beach, an awesome Shiva statue and a Shiva temple with chalukya and kadamba sculptures built in the Dravidian style, of architecture, the temple located on a hillock offering u a magnificent view of a sea.

The best season to visit this place would be in between October to March.


Kollur Mookambika temple: – The distance from Bangalore is 484km, to the Kollur Mookambika temple. The temple Kollur Mookambika is located 135km away from Mangalore and 80km away from Udapi, in the valley of the Kodchadri peak of the western ghat a serene town of Kollur. The Mookambika temple, is one of the seven most sacred spots of the coastal region, is dedicated to the goddess of emotional power and strength. The goddess mookimbika is represented in the form of Jyothir-Linga incorporating both Shiva and Shakthi.

Melkote: – It is 150km away from is situated in pandapur Taluk of Mandya District. The god worshipped in melkote is Lord cheluva Narayna Swamy. This is built in the 12th century enjoyed the tipu sulthan and the maharaja’s. The temple gopura are in rose coloured, the lions are faced to the east , west, south, and to the north also.


Wildlife Sanctuary

Dubare wild life sanctuary:- The training camp of the Mysore Dasara elephant, dubare camp beckons wildlife enthusiasts as well as travelers. A trained naturalist is at hand to explain the various aspects of elephant history, ecology n biology. At Dubare elephant camp u get unique insight into these amazing creatures. The most deciduous forest of dubare are home to wild elephant are regular and so is spotting the spotted tiger, wild dogs, deer, birds sanctuary etc., are also seen in this forest. Crocodiles also can be found in the river of this forest.


Bhadra wild life sanctuary: – It is situated in the western ghat of the Chikmagalur. The bhadra wildlife has its own flora and the fauna. Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is a protected area and the project tiger reserve. The sanctuary is surrendered by the scenic hills and steps slopes of the mulayangiri, bababudangiri. In the sanctuary were you can find more than 100 species tress can be found example teak, silver, sandal wood, rosewood, bamboo, medicinal plants, fruit plants, jungle flowers, etc., and a different kind of species birds, and the tigers, wild dog, deer, and reptiles, mammals, etc., all kind if the animals are found in this sanctuary. In this sanctuary there will be a day safari.

Distance is 285kms from Bangalore, 190kms from Mangalore.


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