Top 10 honeymoon Destinations in India

Done with an elaborate wedding and looking forward to taking a laidback holiday with your loved one? If you’ve been wondering where to head for your honeymoon trip, we’ve got your back. From lively Goa to serene Manali and offbeat Gangtok, we’ve picked out some of the top honeymoon destinations in India for you and your spouse. Get going already!


‘Goa’ to me it is a place in India that had gained some special kind of blessing from the almighty. For every Indian, Goa is not only a place for the trip but a dictionary that defines the real meaning of living life to its fullest.

Give the introduction of your love story an endeavour of true emotional attachments and boost the immature cords of heart and know what makes this place a top honeymoon destination in India.

What exciting and new things you can gift to your life partner in Goa!

  • Le Poisson Rouge: Is your spouse addicted to seafood? Or his/her ideal choice of cuisine is related to continental dishes? Well, then Goa has a lot to delight you. This is a place where you will get to see the efforts of the chefs to create and present foods in a totally unique Avatar. You not only order for food but a new discovery.
  • Sarzora Lake: Your search for peace and love within the lap of nature ends here. This place has an arrangement for each couple to sync their own heartbeat with that of nature. A place that teaches you how to construct the structure of a married life that leads to a well-honed creation.


Well if you belong to bong culture then there will be no need to suggest this place for a honeymoon. But my countdown found this place for the newly wedded couple as a means of planning their honeymoon in a place that exactly looks like heaven.

Feel the energy of the sun with thrilling cold winds thrashing you with its strong arms. This scene will gain more importance and beauty when both of you will take a sip of the warm Darjeeling tea and soak in the scenic ecstasy.


Some details to help you more precisely to make this place as the top honeymoon destination in India!

  • When you are choosing high altitude place for your honeymoon trip then you must visit it during winter, so as to relish the winter chill at its maximum.
  • The place will remind you of the greeting cards that we used to gift someone during winter to our loved ones.
  • This best wedding trip destination has been utilized in numerous Bollywood motion pictures to shoot romantic scenes.

CNN has declared Gulmarg as the “heartland of winter games in India” and it was evaluated as the seventh best destination for skiing in India. This ideal destination for a honeymoon is situated over the Himalayan range named Pir Panjal. The regular landscape of Gulmarg canvassed with snow during winters, permit the development of wild blooms.

It’s a promise from me that if you finalize this as your honeymoon destination, you will actually gather heaps of sweet memories for a lifetime.


Gift your darling the scenic beauty of a city based on the shoreline. Simply connect your moments of love with the aroma of the city. The coconut oil essence of this place will definitely make your relationship as strong as its outer shell and your behaviour for each other in times of anxiety as soft as its inner part.

Alappuzha otherwise called Alleppey is a town in Alappuzha District of Kerala in southern India. This town is thought to be the most established arranged town in this area and the beacon based on the shoreline of the town is the first of its kind along the Arabian coast (refer reference book of Kerala in Malayalam dialect).

Why this city occupied a place in our countdown of top honeymoon destination in India?

  • The mullackal chirap is additionally one of the attractions of Alappuzha which is the merry season held ten colourful days consistently in the month of December.
  • Alleppey is a must visit for any traveller in India. Backwaters of Alleppey are world acclaimed and are the most famous vacation spot in Kerala. It interfaces Kumarakom and Cochin towards north and Quilon toward the South.
  • According to a survey conducted in 2001, Alleppey is the 6th biggest city in Kerala.
  • As complemented by Lord Curzon “Venice of the East”, Alleppey actually comprises of such unparalleled beauty. So, take this cost-effective pleasure of having the taste of Venice in our Motherland India.


Another top honeymoon destination in India. Sand is used for measuring time, and that sand can offer you a great time of love. Plan for something different and plan to stay for at least seven days at Jaisalmer. There is a presence of folk traditions and customs. People try to perform art through their daily miseries.

This place might work as institutions for a newly wedded couple, from which they can educate themselves to hold patience in times of misbalance and can also mechanize the process of creating an art of enjoyment from the debris of pain.

The stronghold of Jaisalmer is a stunning sight: a monstrous sand castle ascending from the sandy fields like an illusion from a past time. No place better brings out fascinating camel-prepare exchange courses and abandon riddle. Ninety-nine bastions surround the post’s still-occupied winding paths.

Inside are shops swaddled in splendid weavings, an illustrious royal residence, and various organizations searching for your visitor rupee. Regardless of corporate greed, it’s hard not to be charmed by this leave stronghold.

Underneath the bulwarks, especially toward the north, the limited roads of the old city disguise great haveli’s, all cut from an indistinguishable brilliant nectar sandstone from the post – henceforth Jaisalmer’s assignment as the Golden City and a top honeymoon destination in India.

A city that has returned practically from the dead in the past half-century, Jaisalmer might be remote, yet it’s absolutely not overlooked – in fact, it’s one of Rajasthan’s greatest visitor goals, and few individuals come here without climbing onto a camel in the encompassing Thar Desert.

Rivalry to get your bum into a camel seat can be savage, with a few administrators embracing offensive hard-offer strategies. As a rule, however, this is a great deal more laid-back, bother free place to remain than any semblance of Jaipur or Jodhpur.


A peaceful and quite a place that also gained popularity as a top honeymoon destination in India! A swampy place yet bright! How nature gained expertise in maintaining equilibrium between pain and peace.

The combination of two dominant colours of Munnar creates a hallucination of beautifully painted scenery, somewhere situated in our imagination. Take your spouse near to the purity of this greenness and make her feel the magic of maintaining the green in your relationship.

Munnar - Tea Plantation

Munnar, a natural beauty! Munnar is arranged at the conjunction of three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. 1,600 m above ocean level, this slope station was before the late spring resort of the recent British Government in South India.

Sprawling tea ranches, picture-book towns, winding paths and occasion offices make this a prominent resort town. Among the fascinating greenery found in the woods and fields here is the Neelakurinji. This blossom which showers the slopes in blue once at regular intervals will sprout next in 2018. This is how this place become one of the top honeymoon destinations in India


This is a corner of India where nature governs over the residents. If you and your partner are silent lovers, then there can be no better option than Coorg. You will automatically forget the passing of time, the calculation of money, loss and profit over a business.

All materialistic features will be vehemently sucked by the nature of this place. Not only that but you might settle yourself at its beautiful location. The entire city is itself a site, where you will be weaved like a silkworm. And the silky ambience might make you stay there for your entire life with your spouse.


Some explanations about Coorg that marks its stature as one of the top honeymoon destinations in India

  • Situated in the midst of forcing mountains in Karnataka with an unendingly dim scene, Coorg is the place to be for all nature partners.
  • Coorg, formally known as Kodagu, is the most prosperous slope station in Karnataka. It is notable for its amazingly fascinating view and lavish greenery.
  • Timberland secured slopes, zest and espresso estates just add to the scene. Madikeri is the area’s middle point with all transportation for getting around beginning from here.
  • Coorg is the home of credible Kodava cooking. Like most zones in and around the town, the platter spins around the staple rice. A claim to fame of the territory is Sannakki, a fragrant sort of rice. Non-vegan arrangements of pork, meat, and fish are additionally well known.


Often regarded as the ‘Second Switzerland’, Gangtok is also a high-altitude place that can be a delightful trip in terms of the honeymoon. Every girl in the world has a special affection towards nature and colourful flowers; thereof Gangtok is the ultimate stop that can provide you with a variety of flowers.

Gangtok is such a town where every traveller is treated with the privilege of living a classy lifestyle. Lodgings are accessible in a scope of costs alongside an assortment of restaurants serving cooking for all tastes. Gangtok is a true place for all shopaholics and a top honeymoon destination in India


Manali has its own magic. Though we have given you lots of choices for organizing your honeymoon at high altitude when it comes to Manali I personally become so biased. This place has weird kind of captivating power that forcefully draws your attention. With its chilling cold temperature, the warmth of your partner teaches you the meaning of true warmth of love making it another top honeymoon destination in India.

Manali creates an aura of mountains and trees contrasting with the energetic colour and flowing sound of the rivers. Travellers who love adventure on their trip actually opt for Manali. Since Manali’s atmosphere is covered not only with natural beauty but there are a lot more for entertainment with natural ingredients of nature. So, give her the taste of the enigmatic loving style of this destination.


The ultimate place to book for your honeymoon! Calm shorelines extend north and south from town, useful for swimming and dawn walks. Pondy is a well-known weekend getaway goal from Chennai and is anything but difficult to explore by walking or by bike.

The French culture still exists in the blood of this city. If you love the ‘Amoure’ French tradition and culture, then you need not book tickets to Paris; just come to Puducherry. It’s only the weather which is extremely opposite to that of France the etiquettes and love are same. Make a trip to this city and feel why it has been enrolled as one of the top honeymoon destinations in India.

Pondicherry Beach

Throughout the entire article, I have not mentioned any right time to visit a particular place for your honeymoon. It is so because I believe that there can be no particular time to go on a trip with your spouse. Every time with him/her is the future’s precious moment.

Now it’s time to book your packages for your lovely honeymoon tour. I’m sure you have gained enough knowledge from my countdown, now just take your lappy and start your sweet journey. Goodbye!

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