Amazing treks for the upcoming long weekend

March is over and the super long weekend you have so long awaited is finally here (with a sick leave for Monday, though!). But wait. Resorts in every holiday destination booked out, and the few dwellings available cost a bomb?

Worry not folks, we have got for you the best solution. Grab your backpack, put on your hiking boots and head out for an adventurous trek in the Himalayas. These short treks in Himachal Pradesh are the best deal this weekend –  climb in the rugged mountain landscapes to places of absolute peace and breathtaking views. What good is it anyway to spend a weekend at places that are flocked by tourists in every nook!

3-day trekking, camping and paragliding getaway in Bir-Billing

Camp at Bir Billing

The trip, three experiences – trekking, camping, and paragliding. What more could you ask for? The adventure starts from the scenic town of Bir, where you would stay in tents amid oak woods. The next day starts with a 4-5 hour long trek to Billing, your paragliding takes off spot. After a briefing by the pilots, strap on your harness and prepare to fly above the breathtaking mountains and land back in your camping spot, Bir. How cool is that?

3-day trek to Beas Kund

Beas Kund trek

One of the most popular treks of Himachal Pradesh, the Beas Kund trek starts with you meeting the guides at Old Manali. On the first day, the climb starts from Solang towards Dhundi, a village along Beas river, and then, proceed further to Bakarthach. On the second day, a 4-5 hour trek leads you from Bakarthach to Beas Kund, bestowing you with some of the most breathtaking views of snow, boulders and hanging glaciers. The descending trek to Manali is equally fascinating.

A 3-day trail along the foothills of Dhauladhar to Triund

This amazing snowline trek starts from the charming dales of Mcleodganj. Enjoy the enticing views of Dharamshala, Shivalik Hills, Kangra Valley and the mighty Dhauladhars on the first day; scale up to a height of 2800 m to reach Triund. Trek to the Lahesh cave the next day, and camp in the wilderness that looks out to the Indrahar pass. Lose yourself to the panorama that bewitches every mortal… getting lost is never a waste of time!

3 beautiful days on the mountain – Bhrigu lake trek

Experience the magic of the mountains – explore forests, orchards and beautiful alpine meadows with this 3-day trek to Bhrigu Lake. After a drive from the Manali Mall bus stop to Gulaba village, a 5-hour trek through the apple orchards and dense woods of Kullu valley would take you to Rohli Khel, which, at 9500 ft would be the overnight camping spot. Next day, you would scale up a height of 14000 ft to reach Bhrigu lake.

Needless to say, the views around the lake and the soothing climes would leave you spellbound. As you descend back to Manali on the third day, you would cross Vashisht, the temple town famous for its hot water springs (Yes, you can take a dip there). Isn’t this the perfect way to escape from the touristy din of Manali?

Camping, treks and orchards in Manali

While the travellers grapple with finding a breakfast spot in the overly filled cafes in Manali, you could gear up for making your holiday into a fun-filled one. On the first day, explore the town, visit sightseeing spots in Manali and visit an apple orchard up in the mountains.

And here is the best part – you get to talk with the countryside farmers, pluck apples and bring a few back homes! On the second day, you would trek from Setan to Khar Myundari, which is a picturesque camping location beside a lake.

A night in the wilderness beside the lake, a morning with nature chimes to wake up to and you are all refreshed to head back to Manali. Even if not much of an adventurer, this trekking and camping getaway is perfect for those looking for a short and offbeat break.

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