10 Most popular beaches in India

India is a country which is filled with wonders, natural and man-made. India’s natural wonder comes from the fact that it hosts the Western Ghats on one side of the peninsula, has the Himalayas towards the northern front and is surrounded on three sides by the vast ocean. Having the Bay of Bengal in the east, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west, India is naturally blessed with many beaches.

There are many stretches of coastal India that boast of a serene, aesthetic beauty. While some are popular, most are not. If you’re looking to enjoy the serenity of the gentle waves lapping at your feet on the sandy coast, we have made a list of some of the best beaches in India, offering experiences one must not miss out on when on a mission to explore the country.

Most popular beaches in India you should visit once in your lifetime

Marina Beach, Chennai

Marina beach is probably the most popular of all the beaches on the east coast. With an urban coastal stretch that spans almost 6.5 km in length, it is believed to be the longest beach in the world. Located in the metropolitan city of Chennai, the beach runs from Fort St. George on one end to Foreshore Estate on the other. It is often said that a visit to Chennai is incomplete without going to the Marina Beach.

Some of the most popular attractions are along the promenade and one stand-out tourist attraction is the lighthouse which stands to the tower on one end of the beach, always alerting wary ships of the haven that is Chennai. The Marina is one of the best beaches in India for foodies too. With numerous snack joints and hawkers, ice-cream shops and local chaats, enjoying piping hot bhajjis by the ocean while walking along the coast best encapsulates the experience of visiting this particular beach.

Agonda Beach, Goa

The most popular state in India, renowned worldwide for its many beaches and late night parties in Goa. Of all the beaches in India, those in Goa are the most sought-after. The Agonda beach is one of the best public beaches in Goa, and by extension, one of the best beaches in India.

The Agonda beach is one of the best public beaches in Goa, and by extension, one of the best beaches in India. The beach is simply divine, with white sands as far as the eyes can see. It has a turtle centre in the middle where Olive Ridley Turtles, which are endangered, are protected. While this beach is not the best for swimming and surfing, it is one of the best beaches in India for a leisurely walk or just sitting by the sea, watching the sunset.

This is one of the most romantic beaches in India and is the best location you could bring your newly-wed spouse to. It is one of the less commercialized beaches of Goa and is very clean and pristine. There are many great restaurants along this stretch of the coast and having delicious food while looking at the blue and turquoise water will alleviate all your stress and worries. This is one of the beaches in India where you can spend some peaceful time with your loved ones without being disturbed by crowds and hawkers.

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

Located in a coastal village of Mandarmani in West Bengal, the beach overlooks the northern end of the Bay of Bengal. This is one of the beaches in India receiving the lowest waves but is unique in terms of the formation of neo-dunes in many areas of the stretch. Mandarmani Beach is one of the very few beaches in India which promotes adventure sports.

The coast is excellent for spending some quality time alone, with family or with your better half. The beach is very wide and spacious and there is quite some distance between the beach and the resorts of the village. If you’re near Kolkata, this makes for an amazing getaway destination. While walking along the beach is scenic, it is also possible to drive your car along the coast when the tide is low, which is rarely allowed at most beaches in India.

Silver beach, Cuddalore

This pristine beach is located South India, on the eastern coast overlooking the Bay of Bengal. This is another of the beautiful beaches in India which are located in South India. It is located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu and is located very close to the district headquarters of Cuddalore, at a distance of about 2 km.

Despite being so close to the city headquarters, Silver Beach is relatively undisturbed by the hassles of the city. This is the second largest beach, after the Marina but is nowhere near as commercialized, which makes it a real find. The beach barely gets crowded and is perfect if you want to be alone with your group of fellow travellers. The place may get very hot around noon and the best place to visit is during the evenings and early mornings.

It is breathtaking to witness the sunrise from this beach. The entire beach comes alive during festivals as there are many rides and attractions that open up. There is also scope for horse-riding and boating out here. As it is one of the lesser commercialized beaches in India, there are not many restaurants nearby but there are small stalls that sell mouth-watering snacks and delicious local cuisine at nominal rates. All of these combined make it undoubtedly one of the most pristine beaches in India.

Om Beach, Gokarna

One of the relatively hidden gems of India is the small coastal town of Gokarna, in Karnataka. It is very famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Also known as the Kashi of South India, Gokarna is also popular for its timeless temples. One of the top beaches in India is the Om beach, which is probably also among fascinating beaches in India. It is curiously shaped like the religious Hindu symbol “Om”. The Om beach is one of the best beaches in India because it is cozily sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats.

Along the Om beach is the Om resort which is perched on a hillock which overlooks a beautiful valley. This is one of the best resorts in Gokarna overlooking the endless azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Though the beach does not have a direct access from roads, you might have to go on a short trek on a hike, depending on the side from which you approach this hidden beach. While some might think of it as a disadvantage, the uncommon approach certainly adds a sense of adventure to the visit.

Dumas Beach, Surat

The Dumas Beach is rumoured but be one of the top haunted places in the country. With black sand and a practically empty coast, not to mention a part of the beach that’s used as a Hindu burial ground, it’s hard to see why not. There have been several reported instances of paranormal activity wherein people have heard strange whispers in the air.

There have been several reported instances of paranormal activity wherein people have heard strange whispers in the air. While some sources claim it is teeming with supernatural activity and untamed spirits of the deceased, many locals have flouted these claims. Though it does get eerier when you know that dogs are known to bark and cry uncontrollably at nights.

While it is debated as to whether the place is actually haunted or not, it is undeniably a beautiful coastal stretch in the northern part of the west coast. The only way to find out if it is haunted or not is by visiting it.

Karwar Beach, Karnataka

One of the most undisturbed, serene coastal stretches on the west coast has to be the one that is not popular as a tourist destination, at all. Flanked by hillocks on the sides with a view of islands in the sea, the beaches in Karwar are sure a sight to enjoy. It is the kind of place that the town folk drop by in the evenings with very little to no tourists insights at all. Naturally, it makes for quite a change from the popular beaches in Goa (which is about 100 km away) and the ones in cities like Mumbai and Chennai.

The small town of Karwar is located in proximity to the bay area that acts as a base for the Indian Navy. But what makes it truly iconic is the fact that it lies right at the mouth of River Kali. Due to its geography, it forms a natural harbour and shelter against the monsoons. With amazing roads and freshness of the coastal breeze to accompany you, can go for a bicycle or a bike ride along the coast, cross the Kali bridge and even ride all the way to Goa.

Maravanthe Beach

The Maravanthe Beach, which is also located in Karnataka, is one of the most picturesque beaches in India. Located very close to Udupi, this is considered as one of the best beaches in India by international entities like Outlook Travel. What makes it one of the most scenic beaches in India is that the Suparnika River flows parallel to the ocean. This gives a very scenic view which is one of a kind in India as there is one road separating the river from the ocean. The Suparnika River almost touches the Arabian Sea here.

The road that runs along the Maravanthe beach makes for one of India’s most sought-after routes to take a road trip on. This is one of the best beaches in India to just sit back, enjoy the view and the scenery. The view of the sunset is outstanding from this beach and is a must-visit with friends. This is most certainly one of the cleanest and most iconic beaches in India.

Alappuzha Beach

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state that enjoys the title of God’s Own Country, Kerala. Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey, is very popular for its backwaters and beaches, both of which boast of unbridled serenity.

There is a lighthouse by the Alappuzha beach which is one of the most scenic spots around. Though the most iconic feature has to be an old pier which extends far out into the sea. This pier was built more than 150 years ago and still stands unscathed, to date.

This is one of the loveliest beaches in India when the Alappuzha beach festival is held annually. During this time, people from all over the state gather and celebrate. If one wants to experience the true essence of beaches in India, the Alappuzha beach is the place for you.

Baga Beach

This is another of the most scenic beaches in India which are located in Goa. This beach is very popular for its water sports, restaurants and shacks that dot the entire stretch of the coast. This is one of the best maintained beaches in India and is very clean, despite being very popular and crowded. This place is great to visit with families as you can have a lot of fun playing water sports. The beach also gives a spectacular view of the sunset which should not be missed. There is also a lot of facilities to do street shopping. Caution should be taken if you are not an experienced swimmer.

There are many beaches in India as the coastline in India extends from Gujarat in the west to West Bengal in the east. In this vast coastline, some of the beaches in India are so beautiful that they can feature among the best beaches of the world. While some of the beaches in India are well-known by people all around the world, there are many other beaches in India which are not so famous and could be called as hidden gems of nature.

Irrespective of whether they are popular or not, relaxing by the ocean is an experience which is unmatched. So, when is the pull of the sea bringing you to one of these beaches?

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