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Instant Black Coffee For Your Next Camping Trip


Even if you do carry a coffee maker for your camping trips, chances are that it can run out of battery; and we all know how mornings can be without a proper cup of coffee.

Today, we tell you how to make an instant black coffee, which might or might not taste as good as machine-made coffee, but it would be coffee and at times like these, coffee is divine.

The next time you are going on a camping trip, just make sure that you have coffee powder, coffee filters and a rubber band.

Take a cup or a glass, keep the coffee filter on it, create a deep pocket in the filter using your finger, and then use a rubber band to secure it over the neck of the cup.

Next, pour coffee powder in the pocket you made using your finger, and slowly pour hot water over the coffee.

When the whole water has drained down the filter, slowly pull the rubber band from the neck of the cup, and you would be left with a hot cup of black coffee.

If you want strong coffee, you can fold the filter and dip it in your cup. This would make the coffee stronger.

For those of you who like sugar with your black coffee, you can put the sugar in the cup before placing the filter over it, and use a spoon to mix it well.


Courtesy: Lifehacker

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