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Top reasons to visit Kerala in monsoon

Backwaters and houseboats, dense woods and off-roading trails, sandy beaches and serene rivers – The reasons to visit Kerala go on. Add monsoons to it, and you have stunning landscapes waiting for you. This region comes alive with the onset of monsoons. The fresh greenness around you, the cool breeze and the gushing rivers enhance the beauty of Kerala. Onam – the harvest festival of Kerala is also celebrated during the monsoons. So there will also be the added bonus of festivity if you plan your trip during the monsoons.

The best time to visit Kerala is between November and February. It experiences monsoon twice a year; once right after summer, between June and August, the other during the months of October and November. The downpour lasts for a few hours followed by a pleasant weather, so exploring the place will not be difficult.

So, let’s check out the top reasons to visit Kerala in monsoon.

A pocket-friendly holiday in God’s Own Country

As unromantic as it may sound, visiting Kerala in monsoon is very economical. You can plan a nature centric holiday and book some really good stays during this time.

With the offers, you may get up to 50% discounts on homestays during the months of monsoon. Even the popular houseboats which are normally the most sought-after by tourists, offer very attractive discounts. If planned smartly and at the right time, you can enjoy Kerala at its best within your budget.

Nature in full blossom

During monsoons, this region is full of freshness and life.  Travelling during or after monsoon offers a lifetime memorable experience as the rains carpets the land in lush greenery. This not only enhances the breathtaking beauty of the region but also offers a poetic getaway that remains unmatched. A must-visit for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, Kerala has much to offer during the monsoons.

Athirappilly Waterfalls, Kerala

One of the main reasons to visit Kerala during the monsoon is the milky white cascades of waterfalls here. Athirapally, Thusharagiri, and Vazhachal are only a few of the must-visit waterfalls in Kerala. The gushing waters, misty environs and exotic avian life found here make it an absolutely magical holiday.

Moving on to the farming aspect of the culture here, the monsoon is the one season you will see the many plantation estates and farmlands rejuvenated with a breath of life. From various spices and herbs to tea, coffee, paddy, and coconuts, etc. Kerala has much to explore. The velvet greenery encompasses the entire land and is sure to allow you to breathe fresh air as you enjoy the rains.

The season of festivities

Visiting any place during the festive season is a great way to experience and partake in the local culture. There is a celebratory air that is contagious making your holiday better. The locals are usually in a very relaxed and interactive mood eager to include you in their celebrations.

Kerala celebrates two festivals during monsoon. One being Onam, a famous and important harvest festival of Kerala, and the other less popular one, Splash.

Onam: The harvest festival of Kerala

Onam is celebrated during the months of August and September to honour King Mahabali’s homecoming. The locals dress in their traditional clothes and prepare authentic delicacies on this day. The houses are decorated with “pookalam” – mandalas made from flowers adding a splash of colour to this region.

This festival also provides a perfect opportunity for travellers to understand the heritage and culture of Kerala. Needless to say, it includes the delicious, mouth-watering cuisine that Kerala is famous for – Onam Sadya. You will definitely get an invite or two to join them for lunch. It is a grand feast served on a fresh big banana leaf with varieties ranging from 24 to even 64 in number.

Plain boiled rice served along with a variety of side dishes, collectively called “Kootan” is the main dish in the feast. The Kootan includes curries like Pulisseri, Rasam, Sambar, Parippu, Pachadi, Kichadi, Avial and much more. The meal ends with a dessert called Payasam. Just hearing the menu makes us hungry, right? Imagine indulging in it while it’s served hot in the rainy weather!

If you are a lover of South Indian or Malabar cuisine, make sure you visit there during Onam and grab your hands on this extravagant meal.

Splash: The monsoon carnival at Wayanad

Splash is a Wayanad Monsoon Carnival organized by the Wayanad Tourism Organisation in association with the Kerala Tourism Department. It is scheduled during July to attract tourists and showcase the various spots of interest and adventure activities in Wayanad.

In addition to this,  the Pamba River hosts the Annual Snake Boat Race – Vallamkuli. It is a major carnival which welcomes thousands of tourists to Kerala in monsoon. As a part of the celebrations, you can witness the local folk dances -Kathakali, Mohini Attam and Kalaripayattu – the world’s most ancient form of martial arts.

Effective Ayurvedic treatment

Kerala is home to Ayurveda – an ancient form of traditional medicines/treatments in the world. This treatment is more effective during monsoons. The environment is damp and less polluted, thereby, allowing the pores in our body to open up. This makes it more responsive to the herbal oils applied during therapy.

The post-treatment period is also very important in Ayurveda. The pleasantly, cold weather allows the body to cool down and rejuvenate.

The pattering of rains on the roof, the splashing of raindrops in the scattered puddles, and the aroma of scented candles – Can there be a better ambience for therapy? Enjoy a soothing massage with rejuvenating herbal oils for the body and let nature heal your soul.

Amazing tree houses in the hill stations

The best part of monsoons is to sit by the window and watch the Earth embracing the rains.  Even better if it is a window of a tree house, perched in the dense wilderness! Watch the rains while you enjoy the comfort of warm blankets and a hot cup of coffee.

Away from the city’s madness, listen to the musical conversation between rains and trees. The best tree houses in Kerala can be found in Wayanad, Athirapilly, Munnar and Thekkady. Have a secluded and breathtaking experience in the tree houses, surrounded by tranquil forests.

Most places in India usually get flooded during the monsoons, but Kerala is an exception as it only gets more heavenly! With enough reasons to visit Kerala in monsoon, we hope you are packing already.

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