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20 Interesting Things to Do in Mysore

Mysore is considered to be one of the perfect destinations for a holiday for an individual. There are a number of innumerable and interesting things to do in the city’s that’s touted as the cultural capital of Karnataka. To have a look at this city’s rich heritage, every year many tourists gather at this place and explore all the hidden facts in this city. Making the trip memorable is essential so that the individual can have a relaxing and fun environment. So listed below are the 20 best and most interesting things to do in Mysore:

1. Cycling trails

An athletic sport that’s often teamed up with adventure, ccyling can be equally enriching when done in a city rich in history like Mysore. From the palaces to temples and bustling markets with the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers in the air, Mysore has a lot to offer. Cycling trails in Mysore can be seen ranging up to many kilometers. Some of the cycling trails go on from places such as Route Lake Sjce, Bogadi Gadige Road and Chamundi Hills.

All of these specially organized cycling tours in Mysore are really adventurous with some beginning early in the morning at 7 am and covering a distance of approximately 12-15 km. You can even stop for a street food snack break along the way or to simply enjoy the charm of this beautiful city as life goes by undisturbed. This makes it one of the best things to do in Mysore.

2. Heritage Walks

A person on vacation would always look to visit monuments or places which have a historical significance. Mysore city boasts of innumerable historical places which tourists can visit as one of their things to do in MysoreVisiting places such as the Mysore Maharajah’s Palace, Somnathpur Temple, Srirangapatna, etc. shows the ancient history of the past in historic city. These historical walks need to be cherished and loved by the tourist.

3. Corporate Team Outing

For a group of corporate individuals, going to the city of Mysore for team outings is a very good idea. The clear air present in the environment of Mysore enables the team members to think better and broader about the bigger picture thus making it a professional thing to do in the city.

Many hotels and resorts here provide their customers with a separate conferencing room for team building exercises. Thus a team outing is one of the many things to do in Mysore which will not leave you disappointed.

4. Skydiving

Skydiving is considered to be one of the most adventurous sports which every individual would love to do at least once in their life. Such a thing is provided to the tourists in the city as one of the adventurous things to do in Mysore.

There is a camp named Skydiving Tandem Camp providing tourists an opportunity to experience skydiving. Static jumping is another thing which should be experienced by the tourists if they are fully confident to attempt skydiving alone. So this activity is a must and among the highly preferred things to do in Mysore.

5. Mysore Food Trail

When it comes to food in the city of Mysore, some exquisite delicacies and multinational cuisines come into the mind. Tourists enjoy this as one of the delicious things to do in Mysore. A Mysore Food tour is also organized for their tourists.

It begins from the Town Hall and takes you through all the delicious eateries in the city. As the city is known for the variety and diversity of food present, the Mysore Food Trail is definitely one of the must things to do in Mysore.

6. Jeep Trails

Jeep trails are one of the fascinating activities that are provided for tourists as one of their things to do in Mysore. A Jeep tour for visiting the Tipu Sultan trails is organized especially for tourists. The tour goes on for a period of 4 hours. Also, the fort of Tipu Sultan is visited on this tour.

Another Jeep tour is organized as an open jeep drive which includes viewing the beautiful Mysore City at night and visiting the Chamundi Hills. Hence such jeep trails are considered as one of the mesmerizing things to do in Mysore.

7. Culinary Trails

Culinary Trails are mainly organized in Mysore to let the tourists be a part of the delicious food experience in Mysore. This journey filled with gastronomic delights is considered as one of the interesting things that tourists must do on their visit.

These trails are mainly done to enhance the culinary experience of an individual. People can choose their ingredients and assemble a dish of their choice.  This interesting thing to be done in Mysore is sure to enthral the food lovers.

8. Walking trials

Walking trails in the city are highly regarded as an adventurous thing to do in Mysore as there is something new to discover at every step. The Walking trials comprise of visiting places having historical importance along with visiting special food joints serving the best Mysore street food.

The Royal walk in the heart of the city provides the tourist’s sights to some old structures of ancient Mysore. This helps them learn more about the rich culture of ancient times and hence it is regarded as one of the important things to do in Mysore.

9. Student tours

Especially for students, there are certain packages which have been combined so that they can enhance their knowledge and learn more about the history of Mysore. The city forms a part of their first-day visit in the tour package. Places such as the Mysore Palace, the famed Mysore Zoo, Chamundi Hills and temple, Brindavan Garden are covered. And there is an overnight stay in a hotel. So for a student, this is the perfect tour to learn about the culture of Mysore.

10. Temple Walks

Temples in Mysore depict the rich heritage that the city is so very famous for. This is one of the things to do in Mysore, which no avid tourist should ideally skip. A visit to the old Sri Chamundeshwari Temple and the Mysore Palace is important for a person wanting to learn about the history of Mysore. This temple walk activity is considered as one of the most enriching things to do in Mysore.

11. Sightseeing Tours

Any city, especially a tourist place needs to have very good sightseeing destinations for tourists and Mysore does not disappoint. Places such as the Daria Daulat Fort, St. Philomena’s Church, Chamundi Temple, Zoological Gardens, etc. should be visited. This will actually make the holiday worthwhile as visiting such places are considered one of the amazing things to be done in Mysore.

12. Shopping Trails

Tourists who are on holiday at times look forward to doing one thing – shopping! And shopping in Mysore can definitely be one that’s rich in choice, enriching experiences and pure satisfaction. Some places such as the Devraja Market, Cauvery Arts and Crafts Emporium, Garuda Mall, etc. provide access to traditional things and accessories of Mysore.

So when holidaying here, be sure to visit these shopping destinations which are regarded by many as one of the most exciting things to do in Mysore.

13. Street Food Trails

For a food lover, visiting the famous street food places would be one of their top things to do in Mysore. Certain food tours in Mysore take a visit to famous street food joints like the Chatori Street, Kolhapuri Bhel, Gupta’s Sweet and Spicy.

From dosas and vadas to bhel and the famed street food chaats, you can also indulge your tastebuds in the mouth-watering sweets that are piping hot and oozing with sugary goodness, many of which would be freshly prepared right in front of you. So this thing to do in Mysore shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

14. Yoga Retreats

A person going away on a holiday or a retreat to be precise looks for bringing peace and calmness in a fast-paced life. Yoga is a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body and Mysore offers options for the same.

Certain institutions such as “Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences”, Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram have been established especially for such activities in Mysore. This will really provide people with the peace they are looking for and so they should try doing this thing during their stay in the city.

15. GRS Fantasy Park

Exciting and adventurous is the GRS Fantasy Park and visiting it is considered as the best fun activity thing to do in Mysore. This destination is perfect to spend the entire day amidst all exciting activities the park offers.

There are fun family activities and rides, both in and out of the water such as slides, water sledding, a dance floor, rock climbing, etc.  Special pools and areas have also been made for kids to enjoy. So during the vacation in the city, be sure to visit this incredible water park, often touted as one of the most exciting things to do in Mysore.

16. Night walks

The real charm of the rich heritage and monuments in the city of Mysore is better witnessed during the night time. It is considered as a really beautiful activity to do in Mysore as the monuments, palaces and temples light up and come to life under the night sky.

Special tours for night walks have been organized. Historical landmarks in the form of the Mysore Palace, temples, markets, gardens, etc will be visited. This night walk will really be worthwhile in the end as it is one of the best things to do in Mysore.

17. Market Walks

Market Walks in the city of Mysore let tourists experience the way how the people of Mysore normally feature in their daily life. You get the opportunity to witness locals buying their daily requirements, from fruits, flowers and vegetables to trinkets and puja materials, all in one place. Even the things that have caught your attention can be purchased at this time.

18. Jungle camping and night stay

When it comes to having an adventure, it doesn’t get as exciting as camping outside in the wild as one of the interesting things to do in Mysore. There are certain resorts in Mysore which are located around a jungle area.

These resorts organize camping trips for their customers, outside their resort in the jungle so that their guests have the experience to remember. Sometimes, even private touring committees organize camps in Jungle areas which also involve a night stay. This is a very exciting thing to do in Mysore and the person will surely enjoy it.

19. Wildlife Safaris

Animal lovers would love and enjoy such a thing, exploring the beautiful wildlife of Mysore. Wildlife safaris are organized in the places such as the Bandipur National Park providing the guests a brilliant opportunity to witness wildlife from close quarters.

Bird and wildlife animal lovers would love such a tour. A jeep provides traveling as well as accommodation for the entire wildlife safari. So this thing to do in Mysore will be considered as a day well spent.

20. Heritage Stay

Often tourists who look for accommodation in the city they are visiting would love to live in a place that comes with a rich historical heritage. Staying in the rich cultural places is considered as one of the fun things to do in Mysore. Some of the rich heritage places to stay in Mysore are the Royal Orchid Brindavan Gardens, Royal Orchid Metropole, Green Hotel and Lalitha Mahal Palace. A heritage stay is considered as one of the best things to do in Mysore for a person who is interested in learning more about the place.

Mysore is considered as one of the best places for a person to visit in India. The city offers the tourists a rich cultural heritage so that the person can learn more about the city. From the most calming activities to the most exciting and adventurous activities and things to do in Mysore, the city has it all. It will make the stay of the person worthwhile in the city and leave them with a pleasant experience and treasured memories.

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