Malpe Beach Tourism


Malpe beach is a wonderful beach which is located six kilometers from Udupi. It is the main costal area for the fishery; it has a natural port of the cost. It has an estuary of the Udayavara River. It has a breathtaking beautiful picnic spot. The main attraction in Malpe is it is a unique islands that are of volcanic rocks just off to the coastline, it has a St. Mary’s island has a three rocks, where all three has a unique shapes.

It is one of the main attraction tourism places in India, and this place had a main attraction with the temples. During the high tides, you can have the boat ride for almost 10 to 15 kilometers.

In Malpe apart from the fishery, tile making and the coconut cultivation is the major occupation crop in Malpe.

Things to do

The activities which will be taken up in the beach are abundant and most of the activities are nature based ones. The beach has numerous Islands nearby and it is amazing to watch these from very close up. Lovely waves and the desert sand ride. To visit around the places near Udapi,

How to reach

The road route distance from Bangalore is 425 kilometers, from Mangalore 60 kilometers and from Udapi 6 kilometers. The nearest airport is in Mangalore. Nearest railhead is in Udapi.

Where to Stay

In Malpe to stay there will be a beach side resort or the homestaty or hotels in the town side. If you select resort or homestay which is very close to the beach, from the room can have the view of the sunset.

Food to try

There are numbers of restaurants in and around the Malpe beach where the food will be awesome and also they offer vide variety of vegetarian and the non-vegetarian along with the tasty sea food also will be provided.

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