experiential Swiss camps in India

Everything you need to know about Experiential Stays in India

There has been quite a buzz around the word, “Experiential Stays” of late in the travel world. If you have been wondering what they are and how to choose one for your next vacation, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to know how you can explore the best of each destination through our collection of experiential stays in India. 

experiential stays in India

One size does not fit all is the thought behind the rising popularity of experiential stays in India. Why book a hotel in the town centre and struggle to add the scenic spots in your itinerary when you can see the magical views straight through your windows? Why google about the hyperlocal food joints when you can stay with the locals and get firsthand expert tips? This is what experiential stays are all about! Take a look at the different kind of experiential stays and pick your favourite to start planning your next vacation.


It’s just what the name suggests – you will be a guest in the homes of locals. Our friendly hosts go out of their way to make you feel at home and care for your needs with a personal touch. The architecture and interiors usually reflect the local habits and give you a direct window to the traditions and culture of the destination you are visiting. You will get a chance to live, eat and stay like a local. Get expert advice on the local food joints, the secret viewpoints which tourists are not aware of or souvenir shop that fits your budget straight from your host.

experiential homestay in India

That said, remember that you are in somebody’s home and show the equal amount of respect and understanding it deserves. This vacation could mean making a friendship for a lifetime too!

Holiday Homes and Villas

These are private villas and cottages in tourist destinations which give you an exclusive experience to make your vacation better. A lot of thought has been put into designing these stays to ensure your privacy and comfort. A good view from your window or staying in a wooden cottage does not have to mean compromising on luxury and privacy. Most stays come with personal caretakers who cater to all your requirements and give you the perfect break you are looking for.

Experiential holiday homes and villas in India

Boutique resorts

A boutique resort is a small place with limited rooms (10-12) and has something unique or experiential within their premises for the guests to explore and enjoy. The resort tag means that you can get all the comforts of a resort. The lesser rooms ensure that you get special care and attention during your stay there. A boutique resort lets you spend an entire vacation within their boundaries and this is made eventful and engaging by the multitude of amenities and activities within the property.

experiential boutique resorts in India

The spa, speciality restaurants, ayurvedic massages are all available in most of these boutique resorts. Whether it is rustic plantation stay in Wayanad or a 19th century colonial heritage home in Pondicherry, you can be sure of getting the best vacation experience.

Offbeat stays

What if your stay can be an extension of your experience? Our offbeat stays are exactly that – themed stays that add much more than just a shelter! Each destination has its unique experience that will be a part of your stay. In Coorg, stay in a coffee plantation home while a colonial style bungalow would be perfect for exploring Pondicherry. How about eco-friendly jungle huts or houseboats in Alleppey? The options are plenty – Heritage Stays, Plantations stays, Farm stays, Waterfront Stays and Jungle stays! Understand what the destination has to offer and pick an ideal stay that lets you enjoy every minute of the day.


The latest addition to travel trends is choosing camps overstays. A great option to truly engage with nature. Imagine lying under the starry skies and waking up to morning mist on your face! Choose from our collection of riverside camps, mountain camps or be a little more daring and go for air tents!

experiential Swiss camps in India

While Swiss camps offer all the comforts of a room with beds, electricity and attached bathrooms in some case, air tents are basically inflatable tents for overnight sleep. Ideal for locations where permanent structures can harm the environment. Choosing these stays would mean spending a night in some of the most beautiful locations!

Just like how the purpose of your travel differs, the stay options should also have enough versatility to meet your needs. And that is exactly what the rise in experiential stays in India are catering to. The next time you travel, enjoy the freedom of asking exactly what you want! A balcony looking out to snow-capped mountains, a private pool to spend a day with our friends or a pet-friendly resort to take your furry friend to! It could be anything and experiential stays are going to help you find that.

If you are looking forward to your annual vacation this year, you know where to start. Pick your favourite location and match it with your kind of stay to have the perfect vacation that you deserve!

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