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Karnataka: A Place To Experience Your Spiritual Self

With the ongoing pandemic and a non-stop hustle around your career and in life, we are pretty sure you need a huge break! A break where you get to see things clearly, a break where you get reconnected with yourself and mother nature, and a break to give you a restart in life. So, if you are searching for a place that will relax you and rejuvenate your soul, there can be nothing better than the state of Karnataka.

With around 4 major wellness centres & resorts in and around Bengaluru, Karnataka is a perfect destination to reattach from your lost self and find new ways of living a happier, peaceful and prosperous life.


Located right at the concrete jungle of Bangalore, Whitefield, AyurvedaGram-the Heart of Healing is one of the most suitable places for the 9-5 workers who are constantly striving for a work-life balance from within the city.

Offering a stay that takes you back to the homes of Kerala which were built 75 years from now, the wellness centre provides you with various treatments to heal from within. Having a reputation internationally, AyurvedaGram offers you plenty of holistic therapies, engages you in Yoga and meditation, and provides a healthy diet to cleanse yourself inside out.

As the centre claims “It is a refreshing break amidst nature`s lap where you can experience the goodness of Ayurveda while leading a healthy life and plan to help sustain this in your familiar setting back home.”


Having quite a fan-following among the celebrities, Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI) is one of the most renowned naturopathies in India. Right from Arvind Kejriwal to Javed Akhtar, Juhi Chawla to Shahid Kapoor, and a constant attraction to a huge number of foreigners, the institute is a must-experience place to rejuvenate yourself.

On the way from Bangalore to Mysore, Jindal is not very far away from the city and has an easy commute. Offering a variety of treatments and cures for people with diseases, disorders or for people merely visiting to cleanse themselves from within, JNI detoxifies the body and modifies the lifestyle with a holistic approach.

“An abode of health since 1978”, JNI makes sure to provide you with one of the best experiences in wellness and nature care with its lavish green property, modern-day amenities and a drug-less approach towards the betterment of a being.


Started in 2007, the Anandamaya Wellness Centre provides you with natural healing solutions. Striving towards providing an ‘Anandamaya’ state of mind to all of its patients through Vedic sciences, traditional Chinese medicines, yoga and naturopathy.

Located again within the city of Bangalore in J.P. Nagar, it is an easy place to go for a relaxing and healing break from the chaos of the city. The focus of the therapies in the centre is particularly based on 5 major aspects: Physical, Breath, Mind, Intellect and Bliss. All the aspects include a variety of practices to choose and learn from.

“Vedic wellness concepts intend at restoring the homeostatic state of physical, emotional, mental and intellectual sheaths of the human being”- this quote is the intention by which the Wellness centre sets its goal for all its clients.


“Welcome to Peace, Tranquility and Wellness in Bangalore” – says Olde Bangalore. A resort, like none other, Olde allows you a stay only if you are ready to experience the best treatments for your mind, body and soul.

As suggested by the name, the resort is a trip back to the memory lane of the old Bangalore, with greenery all around, less and less of skyscrapers, no hustle and bustle day and night due to unstoppable traffic, and a luxury stay to bring out the best side of you.

Providing Ayurvedic treatments focused on each part of your body, to a healthy yet delicious dining experience, the resort is a must-go if you are searching for “peace, tranquillity and wellness” right in the city of Bangalore!

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