Sustainable, low carbon footprint holidays

Green is the way to go: Millennials now opt for sustainable, low carbon footprint holidays

Green is the way to go: Millennials now opt for sustainable, low carbon footprint holidays

The travel industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is a silver lining: more and more people are choosing to travel in a greener and more responsible way. According to a recent survey by, 82% of millennials said they want to travel more sustainably in the future, and 70% said they would be more likely to book an accommodation if they knew it was eco-friendly.

What does it mean to travel sustainably? It means reducing the environmental and social impact of tourism, by choosing destinations that are not overcrowded, modes of transport that emit less greenhouse gases, activities that support local communities and cultures, and accommodations that use renewable energy sources and minimize waste.

Some examples of sustainable travel options are:

  • Taking a train or a bus instead of a plane. This can significantly lower the carbon footprint of your trip, as well as give you a chance to enjoy the scenery along the way. For instance, you can take the Eurostar from London to Paris and save 90% of the emissions compared to flying.
  • Staying in an eco-lodge or a homestay. This can help you experience the local culture and cuisine, while also supporting the local economy and environment. For instance, you can stay in a bamboo hut in Bali that is powered by solar panels and has its own organic garden.
  • Volunteering for a conservation project or a social cause. This can help you make a positive difference in the world, while also learning new skills and meeting new people. For instance, you can help protect sea turtles in Costa Rica or teach English to children in Nepal.
  • Choosing activities that are low-impact and respectful of nature and culture. This can help you have fun and enrich your mind, while also preserving the beauty and diversity of the planet. For instance, you can go hiking in the Alps or visit a museum in Amsterdam.

Traveling sustainably does not mean sacrificing comfort or quality. It means being mindful of the consequences of your choices and actions, and finding ways to balance your personal enjoyment with the well-being of others and the planet. By traveling sustainably, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also create meaningful memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

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