Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Meknes, Morocco

Fez & Meknes – Cities in Morocco

Immerse in Fez & Meknes

Fez, the former capital of Morocco, is a city steeped in rich history and culture. From the moment visitors enter the medina, they are transported back in time to a world of ancient traditions and bustling commerce. The medina of Fez is the largest pedestrian zone in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. With its winding streets, vibrant markets, and stunning architecture, Fez offers a truly immersive cultural experience.


The University of Karaouiyine in Fez is a true wonder of the ancient world. Founded in the ninth century, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, well known for being the world oldest continually operating higher education institution. The university’s mosque, library and madrassas are renowned for their stunning architecture and intricate design, providing a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Morocco. The university has been a centre of learning for centuries, attracting scholars and students from around the world to study and exchange ideas. Today, it remains a thriving institution of higher education, with a focus on Islamic studies and humanities. Open to the public, visitors can explore the impressive buildings and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. The University of Karaouiyine is a true testament to the enduring legacy of education and the power of knowledge to transcend time and space.

Leather District

The Leather District of Fez is a feast for the senses, a place where traditional techniques and craftsmanship come together to produce some of the finest leather goods in the world. The district is home to a variety of leather shops and tanneries, where visitors can witness the traditional process of leather production. The pungent smell of the tanneries may be overwhelming at first, but it is a small price to pay for the unique and unforgettable experience of watching the skilled craftsmen at work. Visitors can see the leather being dyed, treated, and stretched, before it is transformed into a variety of high-quality products, from handbags and shoes to jackets and belts. The Leather District is a testament to the enduring traditions and skills of Moroccan artisans, who have been perfecting their craft for centuries. For visitors, it offers a chance to not only witness the process of leather production but also to purchase some of the finest leather goods available anywhere in the world. A true cultural experiences and authentic Moroccan tradition still being passed on through the generations today.

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