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Experience heritage in comfort: top 10 places to stay in Hampi

The Temple Town, the City of Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Hampi is all that and more. The ancient village was once the seat of the erstwhile Vijayanagara empire. Located on the banks of the Tungabhadra in the southern state of Karnataka, it boasts of a prosperous heritage of royalty that is historic to the …

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Tea Plantations, Ooty

Top 10 weekend getaways from Bangalore

Need a weekend break from the hoi polloi of Bangalore? Want to skip the usual pub hopping or lazy weekend for something more rejuvenating and refreshing? Well, the city’s location in Southern India offers you some of the best destinations for a relaxing weekend away. Bangalore captivates the attention of tourists through its vacation escapades, voyagers, …

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Interested In Sustainable Tourism? Start In Karnataka!

With the increase in awareness regarding global warming, the safety of our environment, and more and more rise in the green practices across the world, the latest trend in tourism has been about eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. However, to promote sustainable tourism, one must know what sustainability really means and how it can be implemented …

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Weekend guides – An escape to whimsical Wayanad

Prepare, or rather not, to free your mind from intentions and set patterns. You will be enchanted by forests as real as the breath in your lungs. Let those sedentary feet trek, arms swing far and lip smile wide. Fragrant blooms and thickets of jungle verdure, you belong to. As the vines glide between your …

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5 Eco-friendly Destinations

Costa Rica Named a United Nations Champion of the Earth in 2019 – one of the highest environmental honours – Costa Rica is also set to become the world’s first plastic free and carbon-neutral country by 2021. Plans include banning plastics and fossil fuels, using renewable energy and growing the country’s protected areas. As one …

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Pondicherry Beach

24 Hours in Puducherry

Formerly known as Pondicherry, this coastal town is all about sun, sand, and spirituality. Since it was a French stronghold from the 15th century until the mid-20th Century, remnants of colonial architecture have an abiding presence in its cobbled streets. Explore this pocket-sized paradise in a day. 7.00 amGET INTRODUCED ON A HERITAGE WALKSign up …

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The Mysore Palace

Mysore Of Royal Lineage

There was once a time when royals of the Vijayanagara Empire flocked to Bangalore (now called Bengaluru), their summer abode, far from the scorching sun of their residence. It’s been centuries since their decline and how the times have changed! The city crowd is always looking for quick getaways, and Mysore, hot or not, always …

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