All Places in ‘Wooden Cottages’

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    Kuteera Homestay

    Price: 3500

    Located on the slopes of Chandra Drona Parvata more popularly known as Bababudan giri range, Kuteera Homestay in Chikmagalur is a nature lovers’ paradise. We offer a unique experience of luxurious and cozy wooden cottage situated amidst serene coffee estates and overlooking the Mullayan giri range (the tallest peak of Read more [...]

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    Jungle Retreat Wayanad

    Price: 5000

    Jungle Retreat Wayanad is an ideal escape for the wildlife lovers who wish to enjoy nature in complete privacy from your own comfortable villa or cottage set in the middle of the Jungle. Your Indian wilderness adventure awaits you here. The Retreat is a well kept secret in the wild Read more [...]

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    Western Ghats Nature Stay Resort

    Price: 3000

    Western Ghats Nature Stay Resort is more of nature stay than a resort. It is a wild rustic place situated in valley between Bisle and Charmadi Ghat in Western Ghats map. Rugged mountains and shola forest are features of the natural topography of the area. Sightings of birds of Western Read more [...]